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The Absolute Best Breaker Abilities in Destruction AllStars


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Destruction AllStars has shot into prominence only recently, with it featuring on PlayStation Plus until April 5. With it being free right now, it's absolutely the right time to jump into the game. To help you dive in, we're bombarding you with a ton of information, guides, and fun content. Emphasizing 'fun’, it's time for one of the core lessons of Destruction AllStars... how to be an annoying little s**t. Well, in one word, the answer is Breaker Abilities. Sorry, that was actually two words... So, if annoying your opponents with breakers is the answer to the ultimate question, we turn to the query: how?

Well, that's why we're here, suckers! Here's a fabulous and fantastic guide to how to be an annoying motherf**ker... In other words: here are all of the absolute best breaker abilities in Destruction AllStars. Well, what are you waiting for? Watch the bloody video!


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