These #berniesmittens gaming memes made us pee our pants!

Funniest #Berniesmittens Gaming Memes

Bernies Mittens Badass

#Berniesmittens are as popular as hotcakes right now. In gaming, they're smokin' like an AK-47. (Credit: DS via Reddit)

#Berniesmittens is the latest social media phenomenon, the first meme of Joe Biden's presidency. We have seen a plethora of great Trump memes these last few years, but could they be surpassed by this golden nugget? Those mittens are stealing our heart, and gamers around the world seem to agree.

One thing that we have noticed is the common-place annoyance of delayed meme-time. Everybody needs their daily meme-time. That's why we're gonna make this entry in our collection of meme reviews short and sweet, diving right into it here! Check out this little gem from u/chrislaker on Reddit. Grand Theft Auto just keeps giving, as does Bernie Sanders...

Reddit is the best place to go for memes: Full of savages and nerds alike, tearing each other apart bit by bit. It sometimes feels like to survive on there you need to be like Leonardo DiCaprio in that 'Revenant' movie, but despite its savagery, it does yield gold this one from u/Javicapria8. It was posted on the r/CODWarzone subreddit.

Anybody a fan of Kinda Funny Games Daily? If you are, you'll get a good little giggle from this beauty...

Anybody a fan of Skyrim? Well, that's a bit of a f**king stupid question, isn't it!? Of course you are, you're reading EarlyGame! Anyway, this one was clearly going to be a slam-dunk. We will say, however, that if this was actually in the game, Skyrim would be an even more legendary game. That would be perfection.

Well, friendos, it's time, oh it's time, to bring this article to a close. We are sorry to report, but your daily meme-time is almost finished. Thus, we have left the best to last. Cyberpunk 2077 may have been messier and buggier than a beehive, but bad simile's aside, even if the game delivered nothing other than disappointment, this meme has finally given us something worth enjoying.

Berniesmittens cyberpunk 2077

Ah Bernie, finally making Cyberpunk 2077 bearable... (Credit: Twitter)

Yes, this is the end of our laugh-festival. Time to get back to real content, but we have no regrets. Freedom, that is what these memes are about: the freedom to wear stylish mittens. Goodbye, and thank you...

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