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Just make it a battle royale already!

Battlefield 6 Leak Suggests Battlefield 3 Style 128 Player Maps

battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 perfected large-scale destructible multiplayer maps. (Credit: Electronic Arts)

It looks like Battlefield 6 will be releasing in 2021, and according to insider reports, might be giving Battlefield 3 a run for its money. The latter, and older game, was famous for its fantastic grand-scale warfare, with 128 players fighting over a massive battlefield. It looks like this might be coming back!

EA plan to have the next Battlefield out in the later months of 2021, possibly around Christmas, and it is suggested that this could be a pretty massive installment indeed. Yes, that was a pun, because according to recent leaks, EA will be treating us to the Battlefield 3 experience... finally.

Battlefield 6 rifle
Battlefield 3 was beautiful a decade ago, so Battlefield 6 should be jaw-dropping! (Credit: Electronic Arts)

After all these years, the possibility that Battlefield 6 will be back to the scale of Battlefield 3 is a welcome return to form. Let's be real, the series has not been the same since that classic multiplayer. Battlefield 4? F**k off. Battlefield: Hardline? What the f**k was that? Battlefield 1? Fabulous, but enough with the stupid f**king names. Battlefield V? Okay, actually that one was pretty good... but no one played it.

We'll stop swearing now, but seriously, this is quite exciting news. Tom Henderson, of course, was the one who broke the news on Twitter:

Oh wait, he got f**king banned for this, so here's a repost...

So, firstly: we're sorry for swearing again. Well, not really, but there's a lot to digest here so let's break it down. It looks like Battlefield 6 could be returning to a Modern setting, which is super exciting! No more old-school World War games, instead something that goes back to when Battlefield was actually good.

Now, the idea that they will call Battlefield 6 just “Battlefield is frustrating. For goodness' sake, enough with this idiotic naming conventions. They seriously make us want to scream. Please no... but everything else looks super great to be honest!

funny helicopter

Do you remember that promise we got of next-gen” destruction back when Battlefield 4 launched as a bridge between the Xbox 360/PS3 and XBone/PS4 generation? Yeah, the game came out and was pretty rubbish – but if they nail it here, then it will be even more awesome than it was in Battlefield 3... and that is REALLY saying something!

Especially with 128 players... seriously, why is Battlefield 3 not looked to by more shooter developers? It's kind of crazy to be honest! EA's CEO Andrew Wilson has come out and confirmed the DICE was given an extra year to reach its “true next-gen vision, so perhaps this could be a reality!

Just don't play it on last-gen, it's going to only have 32v32 modes, graphical downloads, and destruction that is just not as good. Wait, get yourself that sweet-ass next-gen console, and make yourself moist with that next-generation goodness. Man, it’s gonna taste so sweet.

im moist meme

Battlefield changed the gaming world with its big-scale maps and unbelievable destruction in games like Bad Company 2, and more importantly, Battlefield 3. Will it be able to reinvent shooters again with Battlefield 6? We certainly hope so, but we'll have to wait and see.


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