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More than Sam Fisher - Everything About Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy

Operation Shadow Legacy was revealed on Sunday. (Image source: Ubisoft)

The big reveal of Year 5 Season 3 for Rainbow Six Siege took place on Sunday. Operation Shadow Legacy will not only introduce Sam Fisher as Zero, but also a map rework and some new gameplay features.

We already knew that Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher will join Rainbow Six Siege as new Operator Zero in Operation Shadow Legacy. Since yesterday we now know everything about his equipment and have detailed information about all the new Features for next season.

New Operator Zero

The famous Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher joins the Rainbow Six Siege Operator Team as Zero. As one might expect, his equipment is reminiscent of the old days.

His gadget is the Argus Launcher. It shoots a camera that drills into soft or reinforced walls, windows, and hatches or sticks to any surface. The camera covers both indoor and outdoor areas and has a laser that can inflict minor damage to enemies or destroy other equipment. As with drones and surveillance cameras, all attackers have access to the camera.

A nice detail here is the targeting laser of the Argus Launcher, which replicates the iconic three green dots of Sam Fisher's night vision device.

Argus Launcher

The Argus Launcher offers quite some utility. (Image source: Ubisoft)

Zero becomes a 2-speed/2-armor operator and has the choice of the SC3000K assault rifle known from Splinter Cell or the MP7. As a secondary weapon, he is equipped with a 5.7 USG pistol, which has an integrated silencer to enhance the agent feeling. Additionally, he has the choice of claymore or frag grenades.

Either way, Zero offers some interesting possibilities and could cause quite some headaches for the defenders.

Chalet Rework

Chalet Rework

The Chalet map was reworked an offers some new possibilities. (Image source: Ubisoft)

The popular map got a drastic rework and now offers attackers the possibility to climb onto the roof. The first and second floors have also been adapted with some closed windows and new stairs. In addition, the objectives have been reworked and, for example, an additional corridor has been added in the basement to increase the range of movement. The trophy objective was swapped with a new one in the dining room as well.

New Scopes

Perhaps one of the most important changes are the new scopes with four zoom levels. In the future there will be a choice of 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x magnification. In addition, there will be a new distribution of which operator has access to which sights. This could actually change some of the meta, as certain operators with the same weapon will have different sights available.

New scopes

The new scopes could affect the current meta. (Image source: Ubisoft)

Echo, for example, loses his ACOG, whereas Fuze has a choice of up to eight different sights. Valkyrie on the other hand doesn't have a 1.5x zoom on the MPX, but Warden does. So, the choice of scope can certainly influence the choice of the operator. We'll see how the new sights will affect the meta.

New Gadget Hard Breach Charge

This new gadget is available to attackers, who can use it to blow up reinforced walls, hatches, and barricades. As soon as the charge is attached, the ignition process starts automatically and cannot be aborted.

Hard Breach Charge

This new gadget could mean unemployment for Thermite. (Image source: Ubisoft)

This new gadget could also shake up the current meta, since hardbreachers like Thermite are no longer absolutely necessary.

Gameplay Features: Ping 2.0, Map Ban, Reinforcement Pool

The new Season Operation Shadow Legacy will also introduce a new ping system. With Ping 2.0, gadgets, traps, etc. can be pinged from a camera, drone, or operator perspective with a corresponding icon. So, your teammates will know immediately what they are dealing with.

Ping 2.0 icons

Thanks to this new feature your teammates will always know what you are pinging. (Image source: Ubisoft)

In addition, the new season brings map ban. At the beginning of each round, three maps will be suggested for selection, and each team can ban one of them.

Map Ban

In Operation Shadow Legacy you will be able to ban maps. (Image source: Ubisoft)

The introduction of the reinforcement pool also offers new opportunities. In the future, not every defender will have access to two reinforcements, but the whole team will have access to ten in total. This will allow defenders to take up positions directly, while only a few operators can place all reinforcements.

One last nice addition is the replay system. With the new season the game will save your last ten matches locally on your system. That means, you can replay and analyze your last matches from the menu at any time.

Here you can see the complete announcement trailer:

Video source: Ubisoft via YouTube

As soon as the changes go live on the test server, we will of course provide you with the most important patch notes.

What do you think about the numerous new features?

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