It was close – and then Kayle happened

Misfits Gaming defeat Team Vitality in a close fight

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Dan Dan

The man of the hour. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Team Vitality offered a spirited challenge this week of the LEC but an inspired Kayle performance gave Misfits Gaming the win.

David versus Goliath?

Five games into the season, it came as somewhat as a surprise that Team Vitality, decidedly the worst team of the spring split, and a Misfits Gaming boasting what was on paper a very strong lineup would share a spot with a 2-3 record.

Indeed, the French squad started strong, securing an early kill in the top lane against Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte’s Kayle. Several minutes later, they focused the top lane again, but in a 5v4 and with the Rift Herald they could get nothing but some turret plate gold, while Misfits’ top laner got a much-needed breather.

The favorites would eventually come out ahead: they took three kills and a tower after catching their opponents in a fight near the dragon. However, a 21-minute Baron attempt cost them dearly as they lost their jungler, then backed to their base only to be too late to prevent Vitality from taking the objective themselves.

It was a much-needed win for Misfits, who now stand in the middle of the table with a 3:3 record, but Vitality made them work for it. However, things don’t get any easier for the French squad, who on Saturday face off against a reinvigorated SK Gaming.


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