Comebacks, Baron Fights and two backdoors ended with Misfits taking the win

Misfits Gaming Defeat SK to end LEC Losing Streak

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After losing several key games, Misfits were on the ropes – but against SK they went the distance, stole a Baron and overcame an ocean soul to get the crucial win over SK Gaming. This is the LEC and anything can happen.

Despite being expected to be one of the better teams this split, Misfits stood at only 5-8 before the game with SK Gaming, who low-key became a strong team with good fundamentals and reliable playstyle.

A Shaky Start for Misfits

Indeed, early on it looked like another bad game for Misfits. Despite drafting strong laners, they were unable to capitalize on them and had several early deaths, all going to Dirk "ZaZee" Mallner’s Orianna.

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Misfits did not give up, however, and 22 minutes in they got a massive flank during a dragon contest. They killed both enemy carries, secured the dragon and took the first Baron of the game. SK weathered the baron push and eventually secured a third drake for themselves, but they were still falling behind when a series of crazy plays made the game a match to remember.

The Misfits-SK Showdown

It started with SK getting a key pick on Kasper "Kobbe" Kobberup 37 minutes in. They used it to secure the ocean soul but it almost cost them the game as Misfits’ top laner Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte tried to backdoor the base. SK did eventually kill him and used their man advantage to go for the Baron only to have it stolen away.

Video credit: Riot Games

Misfits pushed on with the Baron buff and after losing their support opted to switch to the bottom lane to continue. SK tried to encircle them, but instead of running away Misfits pressed on toward the enemy base, breaking the inhibitor and taking the game moments before SK could ace them.

It was hardly a clean win – in fact, both teams nearly threw the game at times – but it is a key win for the embattled Misfits who are now standing at 6-8 alongside Excel Esports.


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