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Minor map changes in latest CS:GO update

Csgo update maps short

Vertigo escaped with small changes this time. (Image credit: Valve)

CS:GO updates are popping up like ghosts on Halloween lately. The latest addition to the patch notes squad brings additional map changes to Vertigo, Cache, Nuke, Overpass, Anubis and Chlorine, though most of the changes are cosmetic.

Vertigo back at it again

Vertigo underwent a sizeable modification in Valve’s previous CS:GO patch notes and is back into the fold again. Though compared to its Active Duty pool colleagues Vertigo still gets the biggest spoon of changes, this update is far from being the game-changer the previous one was.

The full patch notes for this update read like this:


  • Changed default CT faction to FBI


  • Latest version of radar.


  • Improved visibility map-wide.
  • Brightened hiding spot near sandbags.
  • Brightened A Main.
  • Brightened B Main.
  • Brightened target placed in corner under B Heaven.
  • Reduced visual noise.
  • Reduced foliage clutter.
  • Speculative fix to ragdolls floating on the A Bombsite.
  • Optimizations.
  • Adjusted HDR settings.


  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Fixed clipping on dumpster at A site.

Wingman Nuke:

  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Radar now uses new graphical style.


  • Fixed gap under box on B site.
  • Added ramp-clipping to side of box.
  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

You might get freaked out by the long list under Cache, but if you read all of the points, you should know by now that again, it is mostly cosmetic. Nuke and Overpass will now also have the newly introduced 1v1 Wingman warmup, which leaves Vertigo as the only map to receive an actual gameplay fix.

Valve have been pumping out CS:GO updates like hot bread on Monday morning in recent weeks. This might be a coincidence of course, but it also might, just might be because of a certain other team-based first-person shooter’s beta release.

Valorant could prove to be the best thing that’s ever happened to the CS:GO community if we keep getting them updates at the same frequency. If some game developer is reading, please, create another 5v5 FPS! CS:GO needs you!

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