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Minecraft x Smash: Steve, Alex & Zombie Are New Smash Bros Characters


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New Smash Bros Characters: Minecraft’s Steve, Alex & Zombie Join Smash Bros! Wow! This is very, very big news. Well, at least according to the internet that is. The news basically crashed Twitter and it seems that Nintendo could not have chosen better characters to join the Super Smash Bros All-Star Cast.

So we get Steve in Smash, Alex & Zombie as well. How will that work? From the trailer it seems that the new characters will be able to build and fight with the typical pixelated Minecraft blocks. They also come equipped with a pickaxe and the pixel-look we’re accustomed to. According to the Smash devs, implementing them was quite the hurdle, due to their short range, which affected balancing, and them effectively altering stages, which required lots of programming.

Good job Nintendo and judging by everybody’s reaction, you made the right choice here.

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