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Microsoft to Purchase Warner Bros. Games? Xbox Games Showcase Announced

Xbox games showcase

Microsoft fans have a thing or two to be excited about. (Image credit: Xbox via Twitter)

Microsoft have been hard-working bunnies lately. In the span of 24 hours they were linked with the pending sale of Warner Bros. Games and then announced that we’ll see a glimmer of the first confirmed Xbox Series X games later this month. A good day to be a Microsoft fanboy.

Microsoft join the race for Warner Bros. Games

The potential sale of Warner Bros. Games has been on the lips of industry people for around two months and has involved anyone but me and my grandma as potential buyers. Microsoft, while just another name on the list at this point, does feel like a logical option. I mean, they all are, this just, you know, a bit more.

The company is headed straight into a new console generation and has been trying to obtain the services of legitimate studios to balance out the battle of exclusives that has been routinely won by PlayStation in the past. In that sense, buying Warner Bros. games is an obvious remedy for that itch.

Business is a bit more complicated than that and some of the property allocated to WB Games might not be transferred to Microsoft straight up, but we’re potentially talking about IPs such as Mortal Kombat, Batman, F.E.A.R. and Lego moving to the console-owning giant. Gee, wonder what impact that might have on the medium.

Speaking of console ownership…

Xbox Games Showcase coming July 23

After the PlayStation 5 frenzy from last month, Xbox is entering the conversation with game reveals of their own. The show begins on July 23, at 4pm CET, with the actual game reveals set to begin ah hour later. Speculations around which games we might see are on fire already, but we’d rather relax and enjoy the show instead.

If any news is genuinely confirmed, we at EarlyGame will be the first to deliver it to you.

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