Three straight in the bag for Made in Brazil

Mibr race to win Flashpoint Season 1 group

Flashpoint season1 mibr short

mibr, C9 and MAD Lions are the big winners of Flashpoint Season 1 phase one. (Image credit: Flashpoint via Twitter)

Made in Brazil completed their resurrection tour and have won their Flashpoint Season 1 group. They achieved a two for one as the victory to seal the deal came against the only team to beat them in the tournament – Chaos.

Brazil is still alive and kicking at Flashpoint Season 1

Made in Brazil’s questionable start in the league suggested we might become spectators of yet another failure on their part. A pleasant surprise to many, the two-time Major winners picked themselves up and reminded everybody of who they are.

It all started with a calamitous defeat to Chaos Esports Club and it was fitting that the happy ending would come versus the same opponent. Made in Brazil looked good for the third game in a row but as it turns out, Chaos aren’t the easiest opposition for them and unlike Envy and Gen.G, pushed the match into a third map.

That’s as far as Joshua “steel” Nissan’s crew could go this time as mibr’s crushing Dust2 offense settled the score in the Brazilians’ favor.

In terms of quality, the undisputed match of the day was the North American derby between Cloud9 and Orgless. Pujan “FNS” Mehta’s suitably named squad came as close as can be to completing one of the most Cinderella-like stories at a CS:GO event ever, but crumbled in the 30th round of the third map vs. C9. Still, given the league’s format, we might have our Cinderella after all.

Another underdog story was rid of a merry ending yesterday. MAD Lions played up to their name and clipped HAVU’s wings with a quick 2-0 win. The Finnish roster wasn’t even supposed to participate at this stage of the league so even with this loss, they should be happy with how things turned out.

With all matches behind us, here are the final Flashpoint Season 1 phase one standings:

Group A

  1. MAD Lions – 3-1
  2. HAVU – 2-1
  3. c0ntact Gaming – 1-2
  4. Copenhagen Flames – 0-2

Group B

  1. Made in Brazil – 3-1
  2. Chaos Esports Club – 2-1
  3. Gen.G Esports – 1-2
  4. Team Envy – 0-2

Group C

  1. Cloud9 – 3-0
  2. Orgless – 2-2
  3. Dignitas – 1-2
  4. FunPlus Phoenix – 0-2

Based on the format, these standings will add a different amount of points to the teams’ overall score. These points are spread in the following way:

  • 75 points for first place
  • 50 points for second place
  • 30 points for third place
  • 15 points for fourth place

A second group stage with the teams redrawn will play out in the same way, creating a combined scoreboard. The eight teams with the most amount of points from the two group stages will advance into the playoffs.

The new groups will be drawn on Thursday with the first Flashpoint Season 1 phase two matches scheduled for the day after – March 27.

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