The player went off in his Twitch stream

Mibr fine fer for racist remarks

Mibr fine fer statement

Mibr's statement on the fer controversy. (Image credit: Made in Brazil via Twitter)

Made in Brazil have fined star player Fernando "fer" Alvarenga for racist comments he made on his Twitch stream. Fer went out of line with some questionable hair remarks that got the Brazilian CS:GO community to voice its frustration in the following days. At last, mibr took action.

Context makes it worse than it seems

Fer is not one known for his quiet temper but this time he got a bit carried away even by his own standards. Made in Brazil's star rifler went out of his way during a live Twitch stream to make some iffy comments in regards to a viewer's hair. Now that may seem a weird thing to yell racism over, but there's context.

Fer made sure to point out how soft his own hair is, taking a hit at people with "hard" hair and one of his viewers in particular. The "hair argument" is an established racial inclination in Brazil that downgrades people with "harder" hair as it implies stronger African roots. That, of course, did not sit well with the audience that knows perfectly well what is going on and the storm brew up quickly.

Fer himself immediately knew what he just said and started defending himself on stream, claiming people will call him out for being racist because of a joke. Whether the tone in his voice feels like its telling a joke we'll leave for you to decide:

This reply with the video of fer rambling was posted under Made in Brazil's tweet for fight against racism. You can see the irony there.

After a few days of community distress, the organization finally took some action and came out with an official statement. In addition to the traditional "we're not like this" text, they revealed that they would fine the player and move on. Fer also issued an apology:

The player made some homophobic remarks in the same stream as well, but none of that was addressed. Fer will be back in action as planned for mibr's next game at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown North America where his team leads Group A after two rounds of play.

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