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Metal Gear Solid Is Getting a Complete 4K PS5 & PC Remake!


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A Metal Gear Solid remake is coming to PS5 and PC! Yes, you read that right! Well… to be fair it is still a rumor at this point that comes our way via RedGamingTech, but they have been on point with all their leaks, so there is little reason to doubt. According to them, their specific source has a 100% track record and is certain that a Metal Gear Solid Remake is in the making.

Mind you, this is a true and complete 4K remake, not merely a remaster. We can expect to see something along the lines of the treatment that Final Fantasy VII got, which… would be fantastic! Revisiting Shadow Moses and seeing Liquid Snake and Gray Fox in 4K? Yes, please.

This is also great news for PC players as they will get to their hands on Metal Gear Solid - a true gaming gem. Metal Gear faithfuls will also be relieved since a Metal Gear Solid 6 without Hideo Kojima - who left Konami - seemed like a tall order. A 4K remake however can still be true to Kojima’s original vision and just make everything… prettier.

We can’t wait to hear more about this, and we will keep you posted.

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