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Merc Foregrip Gives Warzone Players a Speed Buff

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Movement can be everything in a first-person shooter. (Image credit: Activision)

Attention, Call of Duty: Warzone players! A secret buff is hiding in the popular Battle Royale title that will make you an in-game Usain Bolt. Three percent increase in movement speed, anyone?

Movement is generally considered the second most important game mechanic in any first-person shooter and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception. That makes this little exploit all the more useful to those who’ve recognized and used it.

Secret Warzone buff through Merc Foregrip

The ability to equip weapons with different attachments and to go into battle with your own loadouts makes the Battle Royale shooter Call of Duty: Warzone so unique. Silencers, barrels, lasers or magazines allow for a very individual setup.

Each of these attachments has an impact on the values of a weapon, some positive and some negative. We thought we’d figure out which does what, but apparently, we were wrong. The Merc Foregrip seems to be a little stronger than originally planned by developer Infinity Ward. YouTuber KRNG JGOD found out that the Merc Foregrip increases movement speed by almost three percent. He demonstrates how this affects your speed in a short clip:

According to the official in-game stats, the Merc Foregrip should only have a positive effect on dispersion and precision when firing from the hip. As you saw above, that proves to be far from the grip’s capabilities.

Given how it’s not mentioned anywhere, this might be a bug that could be removed shortly or a small perk Infinity Ward wanted us to find by ourselves. Either way, the secret is now out and you have a speedy grip option available for your Call of Duty: Warzone loadout.

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