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Meet the gaming grandmas

Bethesda softworks

One of the gaming grandmas gor her own npc in TES6. (Image credit: Bethesda)

There’s an unwritten dogma in gaming that players are usually on the younger side but these grandmothers are proof that age is not a factor. Meet the gaming grandmas.

You came here to see gaming grandmas and we’re here to deliver.

The Fortnite Grandma

The first one hails from Argentina and has been playing video games for the past 19 years. Isabel Martinotti could literally tell most Fortnite players that she’s been playing video games before they were born. The Argentinian mother and grandmother started her journey back in 2001 when she bought games for her grandson. In an interview with HyperX Martinotti stated:

It started because my grandson began to go out alone and started playing with him and there we could talk more and I could find out more about the life of my grandson and advise him. This allowed me to have a much more open relationship with him
Isabel Martinetti

Image credit: infobae

According to Isabel, video games have brought her closer to her family and have given her a new opportunity in life. She’s basically a celebrity in Argentina with sponsors behind her and many interviews over the years.

Isabel Martinetti Mortal Kombat

Isabel Martinotti playing some Mortal Kombat. (Image credit: Ticourbano)

If I can do it, everyone can do it, especially if games can be used to generate something wonderful with your family. There are people who play cards, others who play crosswords and I love small games. This has no age, and everyone can do it, except that it helps you realize your mind and find solutions to problems.

Isabel is should be an inspiration to us all as she gives us hope that even later in life we’ll still find plenty of joy with video games. Martinetti is currently 85 years old and has her own Instagram, so make sure you support her.

The Skyrim Grandma

Shirley curry2

Shirley Curry and her gaming setup. (Image credit: Heather Rousseau)

The second entry on our list is Shirley Curry, a gaming enthusiast and a huge fan of Skyrim. Shirley is 83 years old and has her own YouTube channel which is quite active and gathers over 800,000 subscribers. In case you haven’t guessed her most played game – it’s Skyrim. Her fame on YouTube happened overnight. As soon as people saw her first episode of the Skyrim Let’s Play, her email was flooded with fan mail.

I just sat there and cried. It scared the puddin' out of me. I didn't know what to do.

In an interview with PC Gamer Shirley shared some of her thoughts:

I don't want to [stop] because I feel like [my fans] have taken their time to watch my videos and taken their time to respond to them and talk to me. The least I can do is reply.
Shirley curry

Shirley Curry and Todd Howard. (Image credit: Shirley Curry)

Her fame on YouTube attracted the attention of Bethesda, the studio behind Skyrim. Soon Curry was invited by the company to make her own NPC in the upcoming sixth installment of the series – The Elder Scrolls VI. She also met with Todd Howard.

But that’s not all, Skyrim is still a beloved game for many and there’s a special mod which already came out in 2020. It adds Shirley as a companion in Skyrim and the AI mimics the YouTuber’s playstyle and love for two-handed weapons and bows. Curry herself recorded some voice lines to make her in-game equivalent closer to the real thing.

Video credit: Youtube - Daniel Kemp

Shirley turned 84 in April and we can only wish her many more good years of good health and gaming!

Martinotti and Curry are a good example that age is no factor in gaming and everyone is always welcome to join in. In the meantime, pro players retire by the age of 30, what a load of nonsense. For more gaming news, videos and more, make sure to check out EarlyGame.

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