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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - New Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch with Augmented Reality & Real Life Karts!


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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was announced! A new Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Switch, with a special - very special - twist: The game ships with a physical toy kart that you can race around your home. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be released on October 16 for the Nintendo Switch. The game will cost $100 and will come with either a Luigi or a Mario kart (your choice) and four gates.

How does it all work?

The toy karts are equipped with a motor and a camera and feed an image to the Switch. Additionally, the game comes with four special gates that function as additional sensors and mark the track. You use the gates to mark out the track wherever you want and then you see that track on your Nintendo Switch. On the Switch, reality will be augmented and some nice visuals will be added, but the racing takes place in real life and will be controlled via your Switch. If you get hit with an item on the augmented reality Switch screen, your real kart will come to a halt as well. If you crash into a real life obstacle, your Switch kart will come to a stop also. It’s a perfect link and a completely new way to experience Mario Kart.

In solo player, you race against bots to unlock new skins and new track designs, but the real fun comes in local co-op: Up to four players can race together by bringing their physical karts with them and setting up a race track.

We’re super excited for this and interested to see what other applications this technology might be good for in the future!

Release Date, October 16 for the Nintendo Switch - we can’t wait!

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