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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Multiplayer Details, Price & Release Date


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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - price, release date & multiplayer details - everything you need to know.

We finally know more about the new Mario Kart game:

The game will release on October 16th and cost $99,99. For that price you get a Luigi or Mario kart, four gates, two directional arrows and a charging cable for the karts. The Switch game itself is a free download, but you need to scan the karts’ QR codes in order to play. Thus, it functions in a similar fashion as a cartridge - with the cart being the cartridge in this case.

We now also know that tracks and karts can be customized in the virtual version of the game with coins earned in single player. The multiplayer is definitely where it’s at though and Mario Kart Live Home Circuit will - as of now - not have online multiplayer, up to four people can get together and play locally. The tracks can be as long as there are gates and can be amped up with real life obstacles as well as in-game obstacles.

Speed classes also come into play and affect how fast the real-life karts go. You have your usual 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc. According to Nintendo racing at 150cc will drain your kart’s battery in 90 minutes.

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