Mario 35 Battle Royale & Super Mario 3D All Stars: Free to Play, Release Date - All You Need to Know


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Mario is getting a 35 player, free to play Battle Royale and Super Mario 64, Mario Galaxy & Mario Sunshine are coming to the Nintendo Switch! What!? This all comes our way via Nintendo's 35th anniversary announcement. There were many announcements but surely, the Battle Royale and the remasters of Super Mario 64, Mario Galaxy & Mario Sunshine stand out the most!

Super Mario Bros 35 will be a 35 player battle royale that takes a page out of Tetris 99's book: While you play through a classic Mario level, other players play through the same level. You send defeated enemies into their game, spend coins for power-ups and try to be the last man standing. The game will release on October 1st and it will be free for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers - and it will also only be available for subscribers. Also, the game will only be available from October 1st 2020 until March 31st 2021.

Super Mario 3D All Stars will combine Mario 64, Mario Sunshine & Mario Galaxy into a remaster-bundle. The game will release on September 18th and it will also only be available on March 31st - that goes for both the digital and the physical version.

Why the games are time limited is not known and neither do we know if they will be available again after. Thus, the safe bet is to simply get them while they are available and enjoy some new-old Mario on your Nintendo Switch!

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