The first ever all-female Valorant event!

MAJKL Are the Winners of the Valorant For the Women Summer Showdown

FTW Summer Showdown Valorant MAJKL

Image credit: Nerd Street Gamers via Twitter

The Valorant For The Women Summer Showdown came to an end yesterday with team MAJKL taking the grand prize.

The Valorant FTW Summer Showdown came to a timely end over the course of the weekend. The tournament kicked off back on Friday and lasted for a total of three days. It featured 12 female only teams and only one of them stood out at first glance – Dignitas. The organization made their all-female Valorant team a few months back but haven’t had the chance to participate in a lot of events. With the announcement of the FTW Summer Showdown, many of us expected Dignitas to make it to the top. That wasn’t the case.

The event started out with a group stage where the twelve teams were split into two groups of six. The top teams in each group were MAJKL and GX3, respectively for A and B. Only the top four of each group advanced further while the rest were eliminated. Dignitas Female made it to the playoffs and even to the semi-finals but that’s when they faced MAJKL. At the grand finals, it came down to MAJKL versus GX3. Up until that point, none of the two teams have lost a game. MAJKL made short work of GX3 with a quick 2:0. In the meantime, Dignitas failed to earn the third place by suffering yet another loss against hamboigas.

FTW Valorant Summer Showdown MAJKL

Image credit: Nerd Street Gamers via Twitter

MAJKL get the title of being the champion in the first all-female Valorant event along with $25,000 in prize money.

Video credit: Youtube - God Like Valorant

The girls also talked about their future plans with the team and mentioned they’ll be aiming high.

Nerd Street Gamers, G Fuel and Spectacor Gaming made it clear earlier that their intent is to develop the Valorant esports scene and give female players a chance to shine.

We want to give more women a seat at the table in this industry – both for competitors and for women seeking a career in esports. We’re excited to team up with Spectacor Gaming, T1, and G FUEL to host our first all-women VALORANT invitational and spotlight female gamers who are making strides in the industry. From the players to the logistical staff, this tournament is a testament to the power that women have to drive the gaming industry forward today and in the future.

Judging by that statement we can definitely expect to see more all-female events, not only in Valorant but in other titles as well.

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