Are they actually back?

Made in Brazil await at Flashpoint Season 1 final

Mibr flashpoint season1

Made in Brazil are having reasons to smile agian. (Image credit: Made in Brazil via Twitter)

Made in Brazil have reached the grand final of Flashpoint Season 1. The Brazilians have been out on a comeback tour in the inaugural season of the league, accumulating win after win, although the playoffs did prove a tough task at times.

Made in Brazil impose their will in Flashpoint Season 1 playoffs

Made in Brazil could not close a single playoff match in two maps, going the full format all three times. That’s where the undeniable class of this roster shone through, however, as they devoured the opposition on each of the deciders.

Mibr went through Orgless, HAVU and MAD Lions, in that order, to get to the grand final. As mentioned, all three matches were decided on the third map, and all three were blowouts. The most rounds mibr conceded in any of these deciders was six – to Orgless. MAD Lions managed five and HAVU three.

We could see the glass half full and conclude that Made in Brazil simply showed they can turn it up at any point or see it half empty because you shouldn’t need additional motivation to “turn it up” in the playoffs of a major tournament. With the final laying ahead, we’ll see if that attitude will play a role in the new champion’s coronation.

The dangers of letting their guard down could be potentially enhanced by the fact that their opponent in the final will be a foe already defeated. After HAVU eliminated Cloud9 in the lower bracket final, it’s going to be either them or MAD Lions that will get a rematch with mibr with hopes of a different outcome.

This clash is scheduled for Saturday evening. The winner will come back to the server for the final game of Flashpoint’s debut season on Sunday, April 19.

Do Made in Brazil have this one in the bag or could they slip right at the finish line?

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