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Madden NFL 21: All the New Features in the Sports Game

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Madden nfl 21 vs madden nfl 20

Madden NFL 21 comes with exciting new features. (Image credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports opens the new American Football season on August 28. Madden NFL 21 is set for a touchdown and a lot has changed compared to the previous season. We present the most important new features.

Madden NFL 21 vs. Madden NFL 20: what are the new features of the EA Sports sports game? We'll tell you what to expect in the latest installment of the series on August 28.

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Madden NFL 21: What's New

American football is becoming more and more popular in Europe. An average of around 1.9 million viewers watched the Super Bowl LIV (the final game of the American NFL league) in Germany alone. The Madden NFL series from EA Sports has been one of the most popular sports games on the market since 1988. In the newest offshoot, Madden NFL 21, some exciting new features await you.

Madden nfl 21 gameplay

New gameplay mechanics and technical improvements should make Madden NFL 21 the best edition so far. (Image credit: EA Sports)

1. New Skill Stick Functions

In Madden NFL, the right-hand analog stick of each controller is the skill stick. In the new part, it gets some exciting improvements. By moving the stick, several special movements can be strung together to overflow the defense but also pass runs are possible with it.

Turns, feints, and side-steps can now be combined to form a chain with which you can let any defender stand. New in Madden NFL 21 are dead-leg and slide hurdles. This time you have to vary your movements as well, otherwise, the opponent's defense will adjust to your maneuvers.

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2. The Yard: A New Game Mode in Madden NFL 21

The Yard is to become for Madden NFL 21 what VOLTA is for the FIFA series. In this backyard football mode, two teams of six players play against each other. Of course, several unlockable objects in the form of jerseys, shoes, or pants are not missing.

In The Yard you earn cred, a new in-game currency in Madden NFL 21, which unlocks new equipment. Every backyard football field in the world will also have its own rules.

Video credit: EAMADDENNFL via YouTube

3. Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team With New Content

Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team (MUT) is as popular with football fans as the corresponding version in FIFA. EA Sports has not yet revealed concrete details about the new features, but there will probably be new rewards, challenges, and objects.

Madden nfl 21 ultimate team

Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team has a lot of new content. (Image credit: EA Sports)

4. New X-Factor 2.0 Capabilities

The Superstar X Factor capabilities in MUT mode were the biggest improvement last year and this time they get a huge update. 50 new Superstar and X-Factor abilities will be available this time. The top stars of the NFL will have unique signature skills in the game that will set them apart from the rest of the players. This includes, for example, an increased throwing range, an increased chance of breaking through the next tackle attempt, or the ability to be undetectable by AI defenders.

Three players per team can be equipped with X-Factor abilities. What is new, however, is that they can now be freely combined. With the help of ability points, you can choose the abilities you want to have. Each skill has a different price. At the beginning, you have 10 AP at your disposal, but more will be added during the season.

5. Face of the Franchise Upgrade

The popular game mode Face of the Franchise will be completely overhauled. Here you create your own pro and start your football career as a quarterback in high school. Through the State Championships, you'll advance to the NFL.

10 Division 1-High Schools await you in Madden NFL 21, two years left to win the NCAA Championship. If you can't make it as a quarterback, you'll simply look for a new position.

6. Live Playbooks

When playing Madden NFL 21, your playbooks - the list of moves your team uses - will change over the course of a season. Depending on how the team plays in the real NFL season. This only affects the Play Now and Franchise modes of the sports game.

Madden nfl 21 live playbooks

Your team's playbooks change during the season. (Image credit: EA Sports)

7. Location-Based Tackles

New location-based tackles are designed to provide a more realistic feel in Madden NFL 21. Offensive and defensive players now know when there is a marker for a first down, pylons, or the end zone and read the current game situation accordingly.

8. Improved Graphics & Next-Gen Release

EA Sports has not revealed to what extent the graphics have been improved on the current consoles. Much like FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21 will also get the next-gen update. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X the sports game will look much better, probably run smoother and have shorter loading times. We just can't say no to that.

Madden nfl 21

Madden NFL 21 is also coming for the PS5 & the Xbox Series X. Whoever buys it now, gets the next-gen upgrade for free. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Whether Madden NFL 21 really represents the hoped-for revolution, we will already know by Friday. One thing is for sure: the sports game from EA Sports will once again be one of the best in the sports franchise.

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