Origen could not capitalize on a good start

MAD Lions Smash Origen to Secure LEC Playoff Spot

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The Sona-Lux bot lane combo has come to the LEC and it helped MAD cement a playoff spot as they smashed Origen in the mid game.

MAD Going Unorthodox

Despite an uncharacteristic performance in their loss to SK last week, MAD Lions still entered this game as one of the best LEC teams and boasting a 10-3 record. For Origen, meanwhile, this was a chance to break a losing streak that risked leaving them away from playoffs and a potential Worlds spot despite a good Spring Split. In the draft, MAD opted for the unorthodox Lux-Sona bot lane we saw in the LCS. Origen had tricks of their own, however, picking Quinn for their star top laner Barney "Alphari" Morris.

OG were off to a good start, taking kills top and mid in the first five minutes. Despite a huge deficit in the top lane the Lions managed to find some reply kills and keep their deficit manageable, eventually getting a big fight 12 minutes in where they secured three kills. Origen remained ahead in gold, but they could not find any way to use their lead.

Video credit: Riot Games

The Turning Point

Eventually, MAD collapsed on Alphari as he pushed the top lane, Origen were too late to defend their top laner but tried to get something back only for the Lions’ bot lane to arrive and melt two with a great ultimate combo. Now 5v2, MAD secured the Baron and immediately pushed down the mid lane for the Origen base, eventually routing the defenders and winning this game.

With this, MAD is now at 11-3 and has secured a place in the top 6, though considering their advantage over other teams it is quite likely that they will remain in the top 2 as well. For Origen, things are a lot harder as they now sit at 6-8 alongside Misfits and Excel Esports, making their next game against a resurgent FC Schalke 04 that much more important.


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