With only one loss so far, MAD are deservedly in first place

MAD Lions remain at the top after win vs Origen

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MAD's Spring Split performance looks less and less like rookie luck.

MAD Lions entered week three as one of the top 2 teams in the LEC, boasting a 4:1 record. However, Origen were coming off a key win against Fnatic and were no doubt eager to rise to the top spot as well.

An early 2:2 near the mid lane resulted in OG getting the first blood, but MAD soon retaliated with a five-man tower dive that resulted in a 2:1 just six minutes in. The teams traded blows with first Misfits taking a small lead after another 2:1 fight and a second drake 12 minutes in, then Origen gathering a gold lead as the mid-game went on. However, the gold remained close, while MAD would eventually get a third drake that let them threaten a soul.

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The game came to a head 26 minutes in when MAD got a great teamfight, scattering OG and taking three kills and the Baron. A minute later, Origen made another mistake when their support was caught out, leading to an uncontested ocean soul. The Lions took over the map, battering Origen in a series of pushes until a 2:0 fight 33 minutes in gave them the man advantage they needed to close the game.

The game was close for a long time, but MAD showed their class by pouncing on the opportunity they were presented. Origen’s strong side lanes were not enough to turn back the game, especially in the face of an ocean soul buff. The Twisted Fate pick that secured them the first blood was just not enough to keep up with Marek "Humanoid" Brázda, who decided several teamfights with expertly placed shockwaves.

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