They had the slow start, but then the claws came out.

MAD Lions bounce back with a win vs Excel Esports

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If Excel were hoping that the Lions would still be shaken from the Friday loss to G2, they were mistaken.

The game started fairly even until about 10 minutes in, when Excel used a Rift Herald to take the first tower and amassed a nearly 2K gold advantage. However, their lead was short-lived as four minutes later, MAD contested the drake and got a 3:1 fight as well as the objective. The Spanish team would take several more picks to eventually equalize the gold despite Excel’s tower lead.

As the mid-game went on, all of MAD’s carries were well ahead and their opponents were unable to find a good counter to the dive potential of Andrei "Orome" Popa’s Hecarim and Zhiqiang "Shad0w" Zhao’s Lee Sin, especially with a Yuumi and an Orianna ball on them. 28 minutes in, MAD started the Baron, turned to kill Kryze, then secured the objective, once more found a great engage on their opponents and aced them, giving them a clear road to the Excel nexus.

MAD Lions had somewhat of a problem in the early game, but as the match progressed they both outclassed their opponents and had a composition that worked a lot better. It is setting up to be a very tough week for Excel, who will end this extended weekend with a clash against Fnatic.

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