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Luminosity Bringing FalleN and co. Back Together?

Luminosity csgo last dance

Luminosity Gaming are exploring the probability of re-assembling the incredibly successful 2016 roster. (Image credit:

The past 24 hours for Brazilian CS:GO have been a roller coaster of emotions. Made in Brazil lost the coach and a majority of their active roster in the span of a few hours, leaving many questions unanswered. Luminosity Gaming could be willing to answer these questions for them.

Major-Winning Luminosity Roster Getting Back Together?

It does sound like a pipe dream, but the 2016 CS:GO Major-winning roster of Luminosity Gaming could be reassembled again. At least those are the wishes of LG founder and CEO Steve "Buyaka" Maida. The man who signed Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Marcelo "coldzera" David, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, and Lincoln "fnx" Lau to Luminosity in the first place has a dream and he is willing to chase it.

Buyaka tested the waters on Twitter by urging fans to kick him up to 20,000 followers and he'd disclose what the chances are of the so-called Last Dance to happen, aka bringing back the old roster back. Brazilian fans once again proved that they are made of a different cloth and overnight Buyaka's following rose to over 40,000 - twice the number he was looking for.

Then he got a bit greedy and started looking towards the 100,000 benchmark, which sounds a little excessive, but hey, it's for a noble cause.

FalleN and fnx were quick to respond positively to the idea, which is understandable in FalleN's case, but a bit peculiar for fnx. He is contracted to Imperial currently and it does seem unprofessional to even entertain the idea publicly.

FalleN has no such concerns after his, fer and TACO's stint with MIBR came to an abrupt end last night. That's without a doubt the instigator behind this whole Twitter thing that's been going on. However, there is a problem.

The major obstacle in this idea's realization is that coldzera kind of has his own gig at the moment. Brazilians are notably emotional, and you never know what such a proposition could ster in cold's mind, but objectively speaking, his stance on all this should be a big no-no. He's at FaZe playing with some studs and fighting for silverware week in, week out. Why replace that to go back to where you ran from a year ago, rejoining a core that has fallen, pardon the pun, beyond even tier 2 level at this point? Sorry, Brazilian fans, it isn't going to happen.

So, is this a mere publicity stunt on Buyaka's part? Wouldn't say so. The man seems like he genuinely believes this is a real possibility. Maybe he knows a little something that we don't. In any case, those extra tens of thousands of followers wouldn't hurt his stock now, would they?

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