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Wild Rift is the mobile League of Legends we have always wanted! Now that it’s here, we have been playing it almost constantly, and there has been a bit of a learning curve to adapt to. LoL fans may even struggle to adapt to changes to some of the standard ways of play that we are used to in our beloved League. That’s okay, though – it is a new game after all! And a bloody good one, for that matter. We finally have the best way to wane away our time on public transport (just don’t miss your stop) when we’re on our way to work. Oh, and we are here to help if you’re a tad lost: Here’s our beginner's guide to playing Mid Lane in Wild Rift!

Key take-aways? Well firstly, watch the damn video, you lazy-bum! In essence, you gotta make use of the close distances to every other lane! So in other words...roam! As a Mid Laner you can impact the entire map!


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