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Wild Rift: Patch 2.0 Starts Official Ranked Season

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Little devil teemo

Teemo is now available in Wild Rift! (Credit: Riot Games)

The new patch for Wild Rift is here and it means that the first season of Wild Rift has begun. The official first ranked season of Wild Rift is set to begin on January 8, which means players can rank up and gain rewards – such as Glorious Tryndamere for reaching Gold or higher.

That isn’t the only thing coming with Patch 2.0. There are also new champions as well as some balance changes. So, who is joining us on Wild Rift with this patch?

Players are getting five new playable characters – all of them adorable Yordles. Some of the most iconic champions from League of Legends have made it into Wild Rift with this patch, such as Tristana and Teemo. Kennen, Lulu and Corki are also joining the others in the mobile game.

Some of our favorite skin lines are also making their way into Wild Rift, such as Ezreal, Lux, Lulu, Janna and Jinx getting to suit up as Star Guardians. Of course, all the new champions added are also getting skins, such as Little Devil Teemo and Little Devil Tristana.

Balance Changes

There aren’t many balance changes with this patch. Two champions are being nerfed, Zed’s Razor Shuriken (1) missile width being reduced from 175 to 125. This is needed since Zed is one of the best midlaners in Wild Rift.

Master Yi 0

Master Yi is also getting nerfed (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The other champion getting nerfed is Master Yi. His Wuju Style (3) will now only be 33% effective against structures. This is going to make him a bit weaker to towers and won’t let him open up lanes as quickly when helping out.

The only buff we’re getting with Patch 2.0 is to Wukong. The buff is a mere improvement to his Warrior Trickster (2). The clone will now mimic the ability cast of Wukong’s staff. This is going to make playing against him much more confusing, but that’s what the ability is all about anyway, no?

Other than champions, a few neutral objectives are being balanced as well. The true damage added from the Red Buff is being lowered and the Rift Herald eye damage is also being changed in this patch.

Are you excited for Teemo? Let us know on Twitter. Also interested in TFT? EarlyGame has got you covered with TFT Patch 11.1 information as well as news to the upcoming Festival of Beasts.

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