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Folks in America can play the upcoming game very soon

North American Wild Rift Beta Release Date

League of Legends
Wild Rift Legends
Wanna play Wild Rift? You can, very soon... (Credit: Riot Games)

It’s March, which means that it is finally time for Wild Rift to release in North America! While fans in Europe and Asia have been able to enjoy the mobile version of League of Legends, those in the US had to stay patient... until now

When Is The Wild Rift Beta Coming To North America?

Fans had to wait for a long time for the new game by Riot. It has been confirmed before, that the Wild Rift Open Beta would start in the US in March. Now we finally have a date... the Wild Rift Open Beta starts in North America on March 29th!

At the beginning of the year, Riot had also announced that they would be holding competitions and tournaments for the game, which would kick off in the Asian market, and slowly make their way to the west. This is due to the slow launch in North America, but with the beta coming out very soon, North American fans and hopefuls will have a chance to compete later on in the year.

So, get ready everyone, and be prepared for the open beta to hit North America this coming month. Of course, Riot has already announced that North American players will get a few extra free champions to start off with, due to the late arrival of the open beta in their region.

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