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These three champions have been running rampant in Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Beta Patch 1.0a – Nerfs, Nerfs & More Nerfs

League of Legends
Wild Rift Patch 1.0a
We're desperately waiting for the beta to be available in our region (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The Wild Rift beta has been playable in multiple regions around the world for a minute now. Riot got enough feedback to give Wild Rift its first patch: Patch 1.0a. Unfortunately, us Europeans will have to be a little more patient until we can get our hands on the mobile version of our favorite salt mine – League of Legends, aka Wild Rift.

Since so many people are already able to play Wild Rift, Riot Games are monitoring the quality of the game closely, and are making adjustments: A first set of patch notes – patch 1.0a – for Wild Rift is here. Within the patch, some of the over-performers were nerfed.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0a – Blitzcrank nerf

Blitzcrank got hit with a nerf: He was a little too powerful coming out the gates. What is it about him that we hate the most in LoL? Yup, his hook. But in Wild Rift, he doesn’t even seem to need his most hated feature to kill you. Hence, why the developers decided to nerf the robot to give others a fighting chance.

His base stats were lowered: His health went from 690 to 650 and his health regen per level was reduced from 1.07 to 0.81. His ult will also be a bit weaker: Blitzcrank's ultimate now has reduced damage and a shorter silence duration.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0a – Vayne nerf

Blitz wasn’t the only over-performer though. Vayne has also been quite strong and got the nerf treatment. Her movement speed was lowered from 330 to 325. She also got a nerf to her passive: Night Hunter will now give bonus movement speed at specific levels, instead of 30 at level 1. She also dealt a bit too much true damage, so her Silver Bolts were nerfed a little.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0a – Xin Zhao nerf

The third champion that was hit with a nerf is Xin Zhao: His attack damage was lowered and he’s now more squishy. Good, since he just overran anyone coming at him, especially if he had his ultimate up.

Xin’s base stats were also lowered: His health per level going from 115 to 105 and his attack damage going from 70 to 64. His armour and magic resist were lowered as well, making him a bit more vulnerable. Lastly, the range on Audacious charge was lowered and his ultimate cooldown was increased, in hopes of reeling this over performer in.

A few bug fixes were also added to Wild Rift's 1.0a patch, but the three champion nerfs were the main focus point of this first patch. We can hardly wait for more info on additional beta releases. Once the beta is available in our region we’re prepared for the fight in Wild Rift.

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