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Who will dominate the lonesome top lane?

Top 5 Strongest Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.2

League of Legends
Pantheon Patch 11.2
Bruiser top laners are still popular this patch (Credit: Riot Games)

Thanks to some item changes, we've got a few new faces joining the best Top Laners in Patch 11.2. We've got a bit of everything, tanks, bruisers, damage dealers. Whatever your heart desires.

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because you often have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will take a look at the top lane.

You prefer a different position? We have you covered:

Which Top Laners Are Strong in LoL Patch 11.2?

5. Cho’Gath (Win Rate: 54.4%)

Cho'Gath has great sustain and becomes a hyper-tank late game (Credit: Riot Games)

Cho’Gath is tanky and can take quite a bit of damage while also throwing out his cc abilities left and right. Being able to pick up Frostfire Gauntlet 400 gold sooner this patch means that Cho’Gath just hits his power spike all the earlier. His passive lets him heal up whenever he kills an enemy, minions included, which gives him great sustain in lane as well.

4. Garen (Win Rate: 52.9%)

Garen Patch 11.2
Garen gains this spot thanks to Stridebreaker (Credit: Riot Games)

Garen thrives off the extra ability haste which Stridebreaker now offers. The added ability haste will give Garen the ability to shield, spin and strike more often which makes him a nuisance to lane against. His kit is also easy to use so anyone can pick him up and win some games this patch.

3. Malphite (Win Rate: 51.4%)

Malphite Patch 11.2
Malphite is still one of the top dogs in the top lane (Credit: Riot Games)

Malphite has fallen off the priority list just a bit this patch, but he is still a solid pick, especially against bruisers which are still very popular in the current meta. Bramble vest is a great item when playing against top laners with healing, such as Fiora or Renekton. It keeps Malphite alive as he wins trades left and right.

2. Pantheon (Win Rate: 51.9%)

Pantheon Patch 11.2
Pantheon is such a versatile champion and can be a great flex pick (Credit: Riot Games)

Pantheon can bully any champion in the laning phase. Why? Well, because of his point-and-click stun which gives him immense power over enemy laners. Not to mention how tanky he becomes even with just Plated Steelcaps. It makes him a nuisance to lane against.

He also has some immense versatility in his build. Playing against a squishy opponent? Build Eclipse for that extra burst damage. Playing against a tank? Goredrinker has got your back. Overall, Pantheon is one of the best laning champs in the game thanks to his poking power with Q and his built-in tankiness which keeps him alive during trades.

1. Camille (Win Rate: 50.8%)

Camille Patch 11.2
Camille is our number one top laner of this patch! (Credit: Riot Games)

Camille has been a key pick, especially in high elo but her power has trickled into other elos as well. She isn’t the easiest champion to play, but once you master her, she is an untouchable laner with shields and sustain in her kit that make her almost impossible to kill.

Her Hookshot keeps her safe at all times and lets Camille go in for aggressive trades. Make sure to know the position of the enemy jungler though before using it aggressively, since it is your key escape tool. Her W slows opponents and heals Camille which is what makes her such a threat in the laning phase.

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