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Top 5 Easiest LoL Champions

League of Legends

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League of Legends is a popular team-based strategy game where two teams consisting of 5 champions, fight each other, try to destoy the others’ base and take down towers along the way.

For all the rookies & newbies it can be quite daunting seeing all these champions Riot Games has to offer. You will see pretty quickly that you need a certain base-knowlegde of the champions, the map, the items and possible builds to be able to actually function well in the Rift.

We are currently sitting on 152 champions. With Seraphine joining the lot shortly, it can be very confusing to choose the perfect fighter. They all look amazing or have interesting designs, or maybe you find one that just appeals to you because of the skills or the character lore.

A good start is to know that each and every champion has 3 base skills on Q, W and E. On top of that every champ has a passive skill that is always active or when being triggered by certain situations as well another special skill – the ultimate on your R. Now it’s on you to learn and master the skills of your champion and even better to know how the other champs work as well, so you’ll be able to avoid damage or negate it as best as you can.

That’s a bunch of stuff to learn there, isnt it? Thats why we composed a small list of champions that are easy to learn in the beginning, so you can focus on getting to know the game and your champ in a more relaxed way until you get that sweet knowlegde that everyone else has.

Have fun and dont forget to spiiiin to wiiiin!

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Script by: Tamara Dodlek

Edited by: Valentin Kiss