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Top 5 Cutest LoL Champs

League of Legends

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League of Legends is a popular team-based strategy game where two teams consisting of 5 champions, fight each other, try to destroy the others’ base and take down towers along the way.

For all you cool League of Legends gamers out there and the ones who still think about becoming one, which of the champions do you find to be the cutest? Yes you heard that right, we were searching for the top 5 champions that make you go ‘awee’ because they are just too cute!

We went through them all: 152 champs including Seraphine who will be joining the bunch shortly. To be honest, the yordles really do trigger our heart-eyes, but we managed to broaden our horizon and look past those cute little guys to give all the other champs a chance for this top 5 list as well! And after a really long discussion we kinda somehow decided on these 5 cuties. Do you agree with our list? Would you have put other champions up there or in a different order? We are open for discussion via Facebook and Twitter, so don’t be shy!

Do you guys even like ‘cute’ champs or are you rather going for the strong and cool ones? Or do you rather look at the nice figure of a female champ? Or are you the type of player who doesn’t really care about how the champs look, but rather their abilities and builds? We think that all those factors come into play. Some champs are really strong but just look strange to us or don’t have many good looking skins. Then there are champs who would need some rework done, but just have amazing designs!

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Script by: Tamara Dodlek

Edited by: Daniel Ribeiro