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The Best ARAM Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends

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League of Legends a MOBA developed by Riot Games, which was released in 2009. It quickly gained traffic and even reached an incredible 100 million active users per month in 2016.

ARAM is a PvP game mode in League of Legends, where 2 teams fight each other in a 5v5 on the Howling Abyss. This mode has a twist, though: In ARAM, each player gets a randomly chosen champion from their collection with the ability to reroll said champion up to 2 times. Rerolled champions are stored and can be taken by anyone on the team that owns them.

And yes, even in ARAM some champions outclass the rest. Which champion should you keep? That's where we come in. Here is our list of the best champions in ARAM.

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