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Comps for the last few days before the new patch

TFT: Your Guide to Climb on Patch 10.21b

League of Legends
TFT Patch 10.21b Ashe
Ashe can shred through any opponents (Image Credit: Riot Games)

You’ve desperately been playing over the weekend, trying to climb out of Gold, but without success? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a list of the best comps to use on Patch 10.21b before whole new changes shake up TFT.

Some comps who had been extremely strong before the b-patch have seriously fallen off, so we’ve taken a deeper look at which comps to play to get top 4 at any situation to get those points and climb ranked.

Ahri as Your Carry

So Warwick has fallen off after the nerf to the items that made him so strong as well as the slight adjustment to Divine. In his stead, we’ve now got Ahri who is dominating from the backline. Her ultimate is solid and by building a strong frontline the opposing comp won’t be able to access her, giving her free reign to snipe opponents off the map.

We suggest playing Ahri with two Jeweled Gauntlets as well as Guardian Angel. Pair her with 4 Vanguard as well as 4 Mystic and you’ve got decent Magic Resist and Armor to protect her from enemies. It would be preferable to get a Chosen of either of those traits.

Since Ahri is a 4-cost champion it’ll take a while until you get her, so get a ranged caster, like Twisted Fate, to hold onto the items until you manage to get Ahri, and then she can dish out all the damage. Be careful though, since opponents will try to counter this with a Mystics comp or even Adept to slow Ahri down a little!


Jinx TFT Patch 10.21b
Jinx is ready to fire on all ends (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This comp is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to execute and can really deal a lot of damage. You can either go for 4 or 6 sharpshooters, depending on if you get a Chosen or not. Itemization is also very flexible, which is what makes this comp very easy to execute.

Have more mana/spellpower items? Put those on Jinx. Have more sword items? Those are for Jhin. You have more defensive items? Slap those onto your frontline Vanguard. You can easily itemize however you think looks and feels the best.

You can really make this comp your own, by adding in Vanguard or Mystic trait to have some frontline and protection against champions like Ahri who are going strong on this patch. By adding in Aatrox and Sejuani you’ll have a beefy frontline keeping your backline carry’s safe.

Brawler and Ashe

If we talk about frontline, we can’t forget any Brawler comp. The added health makes them incredibly durable and it takes a long time for any Brawler to go down. If you manage to get a chosen Elderwood it will make your comp even stronger thanks to the added Armor and Magic Resist.

Ashe will be your carry in this comp as she can easily shred through anyone with her added attack speed. Equip her with Quicksilver, Guinsoo’s Rageblade as well as Giant Slayer and Ashe will be unstoppable from the backline, while the opponents try to take out the frontline.

If you manage to get a Chosen Elderwood as well as get a Spatula, try to get the 6-Elderwood Buff for an even stronger effect. This way you will have multiple Brawlers, while many gain extra resistances which will only make them last longer and fight stronger.

Have you tried out any of these comps? What are your favorite TFT comps so far? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding TFT and League of Legends, such as the upcoming LoL Patch 10.22 or the 2020 World Championship keep reading on EarlyGame.