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TFT: Riot Rolls Out B-Patch 10.21 and Warwick Has Been Gutted

League of Legends
Lunar Guardian Warwick

Warwick has been the most sought after Champion in TFT for the past week (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Last week, Divine was buffed and it seems that the TFT community was not too happy with just how strong the trait had become… or well at least one champion… Riot has quickly sent out a B-Patch on 10.21 due to how OP Warwick had become.

Building Quicksilver and Statikk Shiv on him made the Divine Brawler almost unkillable. He could shred through just about anyone and tank any damage as well. Patch 10.21 felt as though it had become a race between players to see who could 2-Star Warwick the quickest.

So to even out the playing field, Riot decided to cut some power and endurance from Divine, who now have 40% damage reduction and true damage once ascended instead of 50%.

Divine wasn’t the only trait to get pulled back a little. Adept’s attack speed debuff was also reduced from 2.5/4/7 to 2/3.5/6. All of the champions part of the Adept synergy are strong in their own right and the long attack speed debuff was pretty strong.

Akali also saw some changes to her 3-Star form. She will dish out around 12% less damage with 350 instead of 400. Her 3-Star form could literally one-shot anyone, shredding through tanks from the backline. This change will still keep her strong since her 2-Star form wasn’t changed and she is already quite strong even then.

Statikk Shiv also got a slight nerf. Now it deals bonus damage only to opponents who are shielded, not also those who were crowd-controlled. This basically makes this an anti-shield item but we’re not sure if anyone will use this item with that in mind.

Another item that was weakened is Locket of the Iron Solari, which was great for the early game to give champions that extra armour. The shield has been weakened from 350/450/600/800 to 300/375/500/800. This accounts for an almost 16% decrease in power when putting the item on a 2-Star champion. This won’t have too much of an impact on the meta though we believe.

Overall, these changes should even out the meta a little and keep people from fighting to get their hands on Warwick, the most eligible champion in TFT it seemed on Patch 10.21.

So what do you think of these tweaks to the TFT meta? Are you sad to see Warwick let go or will you try to continue the Divine-Warwick comp? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more League of Legends news and everything about Worlds check out EarlyGame.

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