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Use the new meta to your advantage

TFT Patch 11.2b: These Are the Strongest Comps

League of Legends
TFT Patch 11.2b
New meta, new luck! (Credit: Riot Games)

Only a few days after the big 11.2 Patch, Riot has already added the first changes with TFT Patch 11.2b. With Xayah, Rakan and Aurelion Sol, three champions were nerfed that were previously part of almost every good combo. Yone was the only champion to be buffed.

It was nice for a while, but at some point, it's enough. Elderwood Mage was by far the strongest team composition for long enough. After the nerfs, things should change a lot. Check out the best combos of TFT Patch 11.2b!

Chosen Brawlers + Elderwood

TFT-Patch 11.2b
Come on baby light my fire... (Credit: Riot Games)

This combo is very pleasant to play, especially in the early game. However, don't just focus on brawlers in the beginning. The sooner you have the first Elderwood bonus, the better. It's worth putting a champion like Lulu on the field alongside Maokai and Nunu until you can buy Orrn.

The fixed health and AD you get from just 2 brawlers are especially valuable early in the game.

With Shyvana, you have a strong carry very early on that you can push items to. She benefits greatly from attack speed, so make sure you can dust off recursive arcs.

Ruffians are also good for people who aren't up for sophisticated positioning: just push everything to the front row, they won't die anyway. Patch 11.2b didn't weaken this combo, and it was already extremely strong before that.

Chosen Duelists

TFT Patch 11.2b
Back to old strength? Hopefully not! (Credit: Riot Games)

A classic slow-roll combo. With Yasuo and Fiora, you have two champions on the cheap that you want to bring up to three stars. Yasuo is the better choice. He is supposed to become your carry later on.

With Janna, you have a good character to guarantee the Enlightened bonus for Fiora. With Jax, you should get the 4 duelist bonus. Next to Yasuo, Kalista is your next carry. Therefore also urgently bring to three stars! Try to get a Quicksilver for Yasuo first.

He can't beat anyone up when he's stunned. With pleasure, a guardian angel behind - the guy mustn't die on you. On Kalista, everything is good that brings attack speed. The best is yet to come:

With the Yone buff, the late-game of this combo has been made even better. Watch out for Yasuo and Yone hanging around alone somewhere like unpopular kids and put Kalista and Janna in the backline.

Chosen Warlords + Slayers

TFT Patch 11.2b
Spin to win! (Credit: Riot Games)

Actually, I wanted to put Chosen Executioners here, but especially with the Xayah and Rakan nerf, the transition to Executioners has become extremely difficult. Of course, warlords benefit immensely from this.

Make sure you get a Katarina early. Garen, Nidalee, and Kata will settle your early game. Winning early is important with the warlord bonus, of course. It's best to get tanks for the frontline.

As with the Duelists, it is extremely important that your carry (Katarina) survives. Quicksilver is mandatory! You can secure your late game via strong heroes like Azir, Lee Sin, or Samira. Make sure you position your assassins correctly and put Nidalee and Azir in the backline.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Lechner.