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Which new trait will be the ultimate showstopper?

TFT: The Festival of Beasts Has Begun With Patch 11.2

League of Legends
Patch 11.2
The new Champions are ready to party this patch (Credit: Riot Games)

It’s time for the festival of Beasts. The TFT Team at Riot has been giving fans glimpses of the new champions, as well as cool descriptions of new traits and now it’s finally time. The new patch is here and ready to be played.

What does the mid-patch update mean for players?

Mid-Set Update Changes

The mid-patch update will take multiple old champions out of the game and replace them with new ones who have different abilities as well as different traits. So, if you’ve been a Riven main for the last few months? You’ll sadly have to find a new bae.

Of course, champions aren’t the only change we’re getting. New traits are also in the game like Dragonsoul, Fabled, and Syphoner.

One of two traits we haven’t talked about yet though is Blacksmith, which is exclusive to Ornn. This trait will let the new 5-Cost create new items. Though this is something unique to Ornn and none of the items he makes can be found in the carousel or made through items.

TFT Ornn
Elderwood Ornn is now part of TFT (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The other new trait that we haven’t looked at is the Daredevil which is also a trait unique to one champion. Samira, another 5-Cost, will get this trait and it will let her dash around the map, deal damage all while shielding herself. Sounds pretty OP already, but when isn’t a Samira release completely bonkers?

Along with all the fun stuff of in-game changes players can also buy another battle pass for this set, as well as gain some cool new, year-of-the-ox-themed little Legends as well as beautiful Arenas. If you haven’t noticed, this whole second Set of Set 4 is based around the Chinese New Year.

Go out there and have fun playing TFT with new traits and champions!

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