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TFT: Patch 11.1 Has no Trait Changes

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Morgana Dazzler

Morgana is getting some sick buffs this patch (Credit: Riot Games)

TFT Patch 11.1 is going to go live today and it signals the end of the first half of Set 4. So, all of you Dusk mains out there, take in every last moment of playing carry-Riven since in two weeks you’ll have to find a new comp to carry you out of Gold.

But let’s take a look at what is in store for us this patch, which champions and which comps are being nerfed and buffed this time around. Patch 11.1 isn’t a huge Patch, since the bigger changes are coming soon, but there are still a few champion changes that can impact the state-of-the-game.

1-Cost Champions

The only 1-cost champion getting a change is Vayne. Her 3-star form was a little bit too strong and will therefore receive a slight nerf to her spell damage, which is going from 140 to 130. This isn’t a significant change and won’t affect her gameplay much.

2-Cost Champions

Three 2-cost champions are being looked at. Hecarim is a decent mid-game pick, but his late-game has suffered, which is why Riot is buffing his 3-star healing and damage from 600 to 750. Another 2-cost getting a change is Teemo who will do less damage in his 2-star form.

Lulu is seeing the biggest change, with a mana increase, meaning she won’t be able to spam her abilities and constantly heal other champions. She’s been running rampant all of Patch 10.25 due to her strong healing abilities, sending players into Overtime situations over and over due to her never dying thanks to her healing. All we can say about this change is Good Riddance.

Mortdog - TFT via YouTube

3-Cost Champions

Kalista is one of two 3-cost champions getting a slight change. Her HP will be increased, meaning that she can actually finish her attack. Oftentimes she’ll have gotten her spears into the opponents and just before pulling them out she would get picked off. Feels bad man.

Veigar is the other 3-cost getting a mana increase to stop him from overpowering the opponents as he has been doing.

4-Cost Champions

The most changes are coming to the 4-cost champions. Aatrox is getting a big buff to his armor as well as HP since he’s been one of the worst-performing 4-cost champions in TFT. Thanks to these buffs he can help out his other Cultists. Ahri is also getting a buff with less mana consumption and an increase to her attack speed. She will fire off her blasts a little sooner this time around.

Blood Moon Aatrox

Aatrox will be a strong 4-Cost tank with these changes (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Jhin is getting a nerf to his 2-star form. His Spell AD multiplier is being decreased from 500 to 475%. The final 4-cost champion getting changed is Morgana who will get an increase to her HP and armor to make her a frontliner which the Enlightened trait has been missing. Therefore, her attack range is being cut from 3 hexes to 2, making her a short-range caster.

5-Cost Champions

The final changes are to two five-cost champions. Yone is getting a simple bug fix since he sometimes shredded too much armor and magic resistance. Lee Sin is the final champion on the list, getting a bit tankier with some added armor and magic resist to his kit. This will let him stay on the board longer and give him a chance to kick others off.

How excited are you about the upcoming TFT changes? Let us know on Twitter and our brand-new EarlyGame Discord server! For more information on LoL esports, like the LCK rebrand, keep reading right here on EarlyGame.

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