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TFT: Patch 10.25 Small Nudges Here and There

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A few Champion and Trait changes coming our way (Image Credit: Riot Games)

TFT Patch 10.25 is going to be the final patch of the year, which is why developers are slightly nudging some underperformers up, rather than make huge changes since this is going to be the patch players play for a while. The patch is scheduled to go live on December 9.


Elderwood hasn’t felt like a good comp for a while, hence why it is getting a slight buff with 20/30/40 Armor and Magic Resist per stack. This will make playing 3-Elderwood an actual option in the game.

Mortdog - TFT via YouTube

Mages are getting a slight buff to their 6-Mage form with an increase to the spell power from 110% to 120%. This will give players some payoff when going for a risky 6-Mage composition in the game.

Two other traits are getting changes. Vanguard has been one of the worst traits in the game and will therefore get a bit of a buff with added armor, while

Divine is getting nerfed with the damage reduction and bonus true damage going from 50% to 45%.

Champions and Items

Of course, there are also champion changes. Quite a few 1-Cost Champions, but the most notable being that to Fiora. She’s been one of the weakest units in the game and will gain the biggest change in Patch 10.25. Her mana is going down from 85 to 75 which will make her use her repost more often. Her spell damage is also buffed from 200/300/450 to 250/400/650.

The developers have fixed a bug with Aphelios which didn’t let his turrets fire during Hunter trait activation. This was fixed but led them to also nerf some of the AD so he doesn’t become completely overpowered.

Kalista also had some of her bugs fixed. She will calculate shields and traits when casting her spell. Beforehand she’d sometimes use her execute either too early or too late due to these factors. Since this has been fixed, the developers decided to lower her attack speed to even out the playing field.

Beständiges Schwert Talon

Talon is getting a buff... really? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

For 4-Cost Champions Talon will get a slight buff to his Spell AD Ratio to bring him back into form. He is still vulnerable when leaping and still doesn’t get resets, but the slight buffs to his kit might make him a strong unit again.

Warwick has been gaining a bit too much health with his spell and Riot is dialing that back. His one and two-star form will gain 40% rather than 50% health back, which will even out the playing field in the later stages of the game.

Two 5-Cost champions are getting adjusted this patch. Kayn will have some of his attack power lowered in his one and two-star form, but he will still be a very strong unit to place on the board whenever he is rolled.

Sett is the final champion adjustment with a bug fix to Showstopper. If his primary target dashes out of the way, Sett will continue his spell, dealing the secondhand AoE damage to his area, even if he didn’t grab the initial target.

Lastly, are item changes. Only one item will be getting a change this patch. Last Whisper will have an increase to its armor penetration going from 75% to 80%.

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