The last big patch before the holidays!

TFT: Patch 10.24 is a Big One!

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So many changes this patch! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Wednesday, the next TFT Patch is going to come out and Riot already outlined all the changes coming to the board. This patch will be the last big update before the holiday season, so get your popcorn ready, sit back and relax while we go over all the changes heading your way.

One thing the developers really want to change is how repetitive the game has gotten. It seems players have figured out just how to play to win. Therefore, this update is going to increase the chances of getting a Chosen, but it’ll decrease the chances of getting a 3- or 4- Star Chosen early. This is going to bring a lot more variety and will likely make games run a little longer as well.

1-Cost Champions

So Lissandra and Diana have just been running circles around the other 1-cost Champions for a while now. What does this mean? Nerf. Diana’s Spell Shield as a 3- and 4-Star are going to be lowered and Lissandra is going to have a nerf to her spell damage. Maybe now Aphelios and Sylas will be the best Moonlight champions?

Nami will also be a little less annoying with an increase to her mana, which means she won’t be perma-stunning opponents. Sounds pretty good right?

Yasuo is going to be getting a buff to his spell damage. It’ll now deal 180/200/225% instead of the previous 160%/190%/225%. This is going to make Yasuo feel a lot stronger and better in the early stages of the game!

2-Cost Champions

TFT Moonlight Aphelios

Will Aphelios finally be good? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Aphelios is going to have his AD increased from 45 to 50, and he will be casting his turrets a little bit sooner, thanks to a slight buff to his mana. Hopefully, this is going to make him a better unit, since he’s been lagging behind a lot of other champions.

Jarvan is going to be casting his spell a lot more in the upcoming patch, thanks to the mana change which is going from 60/120 to 50/80. The downside? His stun is going to last only 1 second instead of 2.

Other champions seeing changes in the upcoming patch are Pyke, getting nerfed – thank you! – Zed gaining a bit of attack speed and Lulu stunning less, but healing more.

3-Cost Champions

Jinx is getting a whole rework in this patch. So if you're perma-stunning your opponents and dishing out constant damage, then make sure to play Sharpshooters for two more days, because Jinx won’t be the same anymore.

What is going to change? The mana cost for her spell is going to increase, meaning she won’t be able to cast it over and over and over and over again. The stun duration will be going up depending on which star-level she is. The way the stuns hit will also be changed and her damage output will be cut. This means she might not stun as much, but when she does, it’ll be a lot more impactful.

Other 3-cost Champions getting buffed are Akali, with a basic spell damage increase, and Xin Zhao, who will cast his spell a little sooner.

4-Cost Champions

Everyone’s strongest Assassin, Talon is getting a slight adjustment. His mana will be lowered, meaning he will use his spell sooner, but it’ll no longer refresh mana after a kill, meaning he won’t be as strong. Also, Talon will no longer be invulnerable during his leap. So if he happens to leap right where Ahri placed one of her orbs? Well, he can still get hit with it. He cannot be the targeted though while leaping.

Since this patch wanted to deal with the issue of perma-stunning, Warwick will also see a change to his kit. His Howl will no longer stun opponents, but give those on his team who have the same traits as him, extra attack speed for a couple of seconds. Brawlers, Divine and Hunter say thank you!

Jhin and Cassio will also get slight changes. Jhin will get some added Attack Damage. Cassio is going to cast less due to a mana increase, but each cast will be more impactful due to the 20% damage amp instead of just 10%.

5-Cost Champions

Sett the boss

Sett is getting a buff! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Azir will get to cast a little less due to the increased mana on patch 10.24. This is also done to try and get cc under control.

Who else is an annoying cc-champion? Right: Lee Sin. His primary stun will be increased, while his secondary stun is being lowered. This will make his initial target quite unhappy, but keep the rest of the team just a bit safer.

Keeping with the theme of getting cc under control, Yone will have his stun completely removed from his kit. What is he getting to compensate for this change though? He is going to have 90% armour and MR shred rather than just 60%.

And lastly, we’ve got our favorite Brawler, Sett, who will be getting a buff to his mana. He is going to get to cast his body slam a little sooner, go do some push-ups and then come back for a second body slam.

What do you think of this patch? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding League of Legends and the World Championship Winners Damwon Gaming, as well as their potential skins, keep reading on EarlyGame.

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