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TFT: Patch 10.23 is Going to Make us Want to Lose!

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TFT Patch 10.23

Patch 10.23 has some fun changes in store for us! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The TFT developers have spoken, and new updates are on their way for TFT with Patch 10.23 once more. This coming Wednesday, we will see quite a few trait changes, as well as champion updates, though not for any 1-cost champions.

What will be new with Patch 10.23, and which champions are we going to have to look out for? What balance changes await us in the coming days? We’ve got the TLDR right here.

First of all, a simple, yet effective, change coming to TFT is that significant improvements to champion targeting and movement are coming our way. This means that right off the bat, your champions will find the right opponent to battle against, rather than running around the map like a headless chicken before charging into battle.

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Trait Adjustments and Changes Ahead!

Along with the system change, we will also see some changes to Cultist. The trait has dealt with its incessant power spikes, rather than being even throughout the game. Cultists felt strong with Demon Lord Galio, but Supreme Overlord Galio sometimes felt lackluster even with all the tankiness he had. Hence why three-Star Galio will now get a built-in Quicksilver. He will be immune to cc for the first few seconds, which means your Galio can tank damage and dish out damage before getting cc-ed to hell and back.

Divine is also getting a buff again. It seems this trait is either getting buffed or nerfed each patch. Let’s see if it’ll be another Warwick-week! Divine will now have 50% Damage reduction as well as true damage instead of 40% when ascended, and the duration has been changed from 4/6/9/13 to 3/6/9/14. This will make 2-Divine a little less powerful, but if you manage to get 8 it’ll be a buff!

Along with Divine and Cultist, we’ll also be seeing changes to 2-Dazzler whose damage reduction will be nerfed from 50% to 40%. Hunter is also going to get nerfed with a slight decrease in AD Bonus damage, while Keeper will feel a lot better in the late game, with increased duration according to trait level.

We can’t forget about everyone’s favorite trait, which benefits all of us losers out there – Fortune. There is now a huge bonus for losing 10, 11, 12 rounds if you manage to have 6 Fortune. We aren’t told what, but it seems like we’re going to want to lose a lot more if we have a Fortune Chosen!

Galio TFT Patch 10.23

Galio is going to feel like the supreme overlord that he is supposed to be with Patch 10.23 (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It's Not Just Traits! Champions Are Also Getting Some Changes.

We’re also going to be getting changes to champions. No one-cost champion has been hit with a change though. Aphelios is probably having the most work done to his kit. His turrets will not proc on-attack effects (such as Rageblade and Shiv), which is being done to try and separate him from Rageblade since he seems only useful once he’s got this item. On-hit effects like Shojin still work with his turrets though. He will also not gain any more mana through his turrets, which is why his mana was reduced from 90/180 to 40/80. Not to mention, his attack speed has been slightly increased from 0.7 to 0.75.

3 out of 4 Ninja champions are also getting buffs. Zed is going to have increased AD steal as well as spell damage, especially in the early game, making him a lot more satisfying to play even as a 1-Star. Alongside him, Kennen and Akali are also getting buffed with Akali gaining attack speed and Kennen getting a bit beefier to become a decent frontline Ninja and Keeper without having to slap items onto him.

Xin Zhao is also getting a big change. His whole spell being reworked to now give him more Armor and MR throughout a match of TFT. This is going to make the champion playable. Until now, he’s felt like the weakest 3-Cost and hasn’t been worth putting on the field, since there are a lot better Duelists and Warlords in the whole Set.

Ahri is getting adjusted to now have her spell be interrupted. This means that if she is in the middle of channeling her spell and dies, but revives thanks to GA, she will still cast her spell, but a smaller version of it, since she didn’t have time to proc it fully.

Talon is also getting adjusted and now attacks the champion with the lowest armor rather than the champion who had dealt the most damage. This means you can keep your Ashe/Ahri alive a little longer by putting a chain vest item on them.

Of course, we’ve also got some 5-Cost changes, with Lillia’s mana changing from 75/125 to 80/120. Kayn will also have better spell targeting which is going to make him a lot more useful and apparently Lee Sin is going to have an upgrade to his 3-Star version.

These are some of the changes which await us on Patch 10.23. Do you like them? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding the World Championship winner Damwon as well as their potential skin choices keep reading on EarlyGame.

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