Xin Zhao will finally be usable?

TFT Patch 10.23: Champion and Trait Changes Ahead!

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TFT Patch 10.23 Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is getting a much needed rework (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 10.22 has barely had time to settle in and already we’re here to talk about TFT Patch 10.23 and the changes which will be shipped live on November 11. The new patch has gone live on the PBE servers and are being tested so let’s check out what might be in store for us!

There will be trait changes as well as champion buffs and nerfs, which will hopefully make for a wider variety of playable comps. We’re going to see some changes made to champions we’ve literally forgotten existed in the game due to their low win rate.

Champion Changes Incoming: Hello New Xin Zhao

First of all, Xin Zhao is getting a much-needed change to his ability. He was often merely placed on the field to add another Duelist or Warlord to get that extra buff. It wasn’t because he was actually a very useful champion.

His ability is going to be upgraded, though. Now instead of taking reduced damage while he ‘challenges’ an opponent, he will now gain permanent armor and magic resistance. This is going to make him much better as a frontliner.

Ahri, who had been nerfed previously, will be getting some of her firing power back with a buff, as well as Kalista, whose 3-Star form will be buffed to deal 9% maximum health damage instead of 8%.

Riven TFT Patch 10.23

Keeper Trait is going to feel much better in the late game (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The Keeper trait is also getting a rework and will be much more valuable in the late game. The shields will now scale in amount, as well as duration. This means that having two keepers will give a shield of 175 for 8 seconds, while four keepers give a shield of 250 for 10 seconds and six keepers will have solid 14 second shields of 350.

Though those playing this trait might have to watch out for items such as Statikk Shiv which basically counter shields. But other than that, this is quite a buff to the keeper trait and will make it a lot more satisfying to play in the later rounds.

Other traits that will see buffs are Warlord in hopes of making this a trait someone would actually run since it seems rather weak in comparison to others. Spirit and Mage will also be seeing a buff while Divine is getting a slight nerf.

What do you think of the upcoming changes? Let us know on Twitter! For more information regarding the latest Patch 10.22 as well as which TFT Comps to play keep reading on EarlyGame.

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