Which Champions will replace the old ones?

TFT: Mid-Set Update will Remove Moonlight, Shade & Many More!

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The Festival of Beasts is coming our way. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

For anyone who still has to finish their TFT Fates battle pass, time is ticking. Riot just announced the theme for the upcoming Mid Season Set update. This means a new battle pass is on its way, as well as some new Champions.

Sure, most of it is just speculation, since Riot only teased the new event ‘Festival of Beasts’, but there are definitely some pretty big changes coming to TFT.

Bye Bye… These traits are gone

The update will remove some of our favourite and least favourite traits and replace them with some new ones. Dusk, Moonlight, Tormented, Shade, Hunter, and Dazzler will be leaving the TFT stage – though there are a few exceptions.

Morgana, Zed and Kindred will still be part of the festival of beasts. These champions will probably gain new roles in the upcoming update. Unfortunately, we’ll have to say goodbye to Aphelios and Kayn.

A couple of other champions also didn’t get an invite to the festival: Nami, Hecarim, Xin Zhao, Jinx, Ahri, and Jhin also won’t be seen again once the festival starts.

Who could we expect?

Hecarim will most likely get replaced by Ornn, since he did just get a beautiful new Elderwood Skin in League of Legends and is therefore a great replacement for the Elderwood-Vanguard tank.

Ahri could be replaced by Seraphine as a 4-cost mage, since Riot usually wants to include some of their newer champions into the TFT sets to give them more exposure.

Jinx and Jhin could see Samira in their place, the desert rose destroying opponents from the backline. She is also a new champion who could be interesting as a TFT champion. Maybe she will become a 5-cost beast replacing Kayn? We’ll have to wait to find out.

With Xin Zhao gone, there is one warlord less. To replace him, we think Tryndamere is the only choice, since he is the last champion from the Warring Kingdoms skin line left.

All this detective work is just speculation though. Either way, we’re excited to see which champions will grace TFT with the mid-set update.

Are you excited for the new TFT update? Let us know on Twitter! For more information on League and TFT, like the new Champion Rell, stay on EarlyGame!

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