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TFT: The Easiest Comps for any Beginner

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TFT Comps

The easiest comps for anyone starting out! (Image Credit: Riot games)

You're looking for a nice game, but don’t feel like dealing with the toxicity of Solo Queue? You still want to stick to the world of Runeterra and the cool Champions which are playable? Then take a look at TFT!

The free LoL game mode TFT is a so-called Autobattler or Auto-Chess Game. This means that it is not you who controls the champions on the field. You buy them from the store, give them items and place them on the field and everything else your champions have to do themselves. The player himself is represented by the small Little Legends figures and meets seven other players in TFT.

4. Sharpshooter and Vanguard

Jinx TFT Comps

Make Jinx your Sharpshooter Carry (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Sharpshooter and Vanguard is a very straightforward and easy comp, but it packs a punch and is one of the strongest in the game. You’ll want to try and get 4 Sharpshooters since two just doesn’t have enough strength’ and if you’re lucky even get a Chosen Sharpshooter to get that 6-Sharpshooter buff. Of course, those champs are rather squishy so put up a Vanguard wall to protect the Carrys. Itemization is also quite simple since any mana/spell power item can be placed on Jinx, while any sword item can go on Jhin. If you get neither and have mostly defensive items, just use those to beef up the frontline. Maybe give them some Magic Resist to counteract any Ahri/Veigar comp?

3. Ninja

Akali TFT Comps

Akali and Blue Buff... name a more iconic duo (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The special feature of ninjas is that if you have exactly four ninjas, your damage is increased by 150% - a nice boost for your troop. Sure, there is an awkward phase in the mid-game while you’re trying to get together all the 4 Ninja’s where you get no boost, but the wait is worthwhile. The increase of your remaining team depends on how you want to play: defensive or aggressive. If you want a little more defence, consider adding Keeper or Mystic to your party for shields and magic resistance. If you'd rather just take all the damage you can get, add Assassins or Shade! In this comp Akali is your star, give her the Blue Buff and she can One-Shot your enemies out of the picture!

2. Moonlight and Brawler

Aphelios TFT Comps

Aphelios will be your Moonlight-Hunter Carry (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The Moonlight comp is easy to build, especially for beginners. The feature of the Moonlight buff you receive is interesting because they star-up one of your Moonlight Champs every round. It’s either the lowest star Champion, or if all are the same rank, then the one with the most items. So since you can get to 2 or even 3 star champions quite quickly, the damage your team dishes out is nothing to overlook. Add in a few Brawlers you’ll be able to get a decent frontline to take all the aggro away from your carry champions.

If you manage to get Sylas as your Brawler frontline as well as an Ashe and Warwick for that sweet Hunter buff you’ll be able to shred through just about anyone!

1. Elderwood and Mage

Nunu TFT Comps

Get that 5-Stack Edlerwood buff! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This is an easy comp to build because there are already two Elderwood-Champs who are also mages. Lulu has incredible CC and Veigar should become your carry and get the most items. To get that Mage buff we suggest picking up Annie for the frontline since she is especially tanky due to the shields she gains. If you want a little more firepower from the backline to go along with your Veigar, you can also choose to pick up Ahri who can snipe from the backline. You also have a pretty strong frontline in this comp thanks to Nunu and Maokai, the Brawlers with a bigger healthbar.

What Comps do you like the play? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding TFT and League of Legends, such as the upcoming LoL Patch 10.22or the 2020 World Championship keep reading on EarlyGame.

Original Article written by EarlyGame's Tamara Dodlek

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