Who will be joining the festivities?

TFT: So Many Invitations for the Festival of Beasts

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The Festival is ready to start! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

So, the mid-set update is inching closer with every single day. There are some champions who haven’t made it to the Festival of Beasts, but some new faces are joining the crew, as well as some fun new traits!

Of course, others have just had a change of clothing and will be part of the festival under new traits and with some new abilities. Who will we be seeing again at this festival?

Well, Zed is one of the champions who is getting a new kit. Since Shade has been removed, he will now be a Ninja and a Slayer. Slayers will deal more damage to low health champions and gain lifesteal!

Morgana is also gaining a second life as an Enlightend Syphoner. Goodbye Dazzler and hello Syphoner… whatever that means. We will have to wait to find out.

Kindred will not be a Hunter anymore, but instead a Spirit Executioner. The new trait will critically strike champions who are low health.

Another Executioner added to the set is going to be Xayah who is also an Elderwood and a Keeper. And where Xayah goes, so does Rakan who will also be an Elderwood Keeper. Can’t keep these lovers apart, eh?

We all remember the dominance which was Kayle in Set 3 right? Well, now we get it once more… only with her as a Divine champion as well. Won’t that be fun to watch as she rips apart enemies from the backline?

Joining the Fortune gang is Darius who will become a Fortune Executioner. Will he be as obnoxious as he was in Set 3? Who knows.

Nasus was also announced as a new champion, becoming a Divine Syphoner.

Overall, these new champions will stir up the pot once more and make the TFT meta after the update quite an interesting thing to play once more. Which Champion are you most excited for?

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