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TFT: Best Team Comps for Beginners

League of Legends

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The free game mode TFT from League of Legends is a so-called Autobattler or Auto-Chess game. This means that you cannot control your champions yourself. Instead, you buy them in the store, give them items and place them on the field. The rest is up to the champions themselves and you have to hope that they manage to bring you to victory.

Let's get to the player: What do you actually do in this time? In Teamfight Tactics the players are portrayed as cute little legends. You can think of them as little pets who can run after your champ as minions within League of Legends. You can unlock new little legends and look really cool and cute. So, while you're the cute little things, there's only one thing you can do on the field: collect gold and items that drop for you. To place the champ and distribute the items.

In TFT the well-known champions are present, BUT they have slightly different characteristics. The abilities remain as you know them, but the champs now have traits and classes. You can even place the same champ twice, but trying to get the same champion is mostly for you to star them up and increase their strength.

In the end, you choose champions based on their traits and class, as these provide specific qualities or bonuses. For example, 4 ninjas on the field will give you a damage boost of 150%!

You can usually have up to 8 or 9 champions on the field in the final rounds of the game. So think carefully about what traits you bring to your team, so that your champions are stronger than your 7 opponents and take them down!

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