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TFT: The Best Comps for the End of Patch 10.22

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TFT Patch 10.22 Best Comps

After the Morgana hotfix who will come out on top? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

After the last Patch update, Morgana was accidentally shipped with a huge buff to her damage. She was the end-all and be-all of TFT. Riot quickly realized their mistake and ran her back to her original strength, which evened out the playing field. But what comps should we be playing now?

Fear not, our fellow TFT fans, we’ve taken a look at the data and found three comps that should get you into the top 4 each time, gaining that LP to climb the ranked ladder. So here are our top 3 comps for the rest of TFT Patch 10.22.

You Want a Flexible Comp? Then Enlightened it Is!

Talon TFT Patch 10.22 Best Comps

Talon is your Carry in the Enlightened composition. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Enlightened might not be as strong as it was when Morgana was still OP earlier on in the patch, but it is one of the most flexible builds. The main carry of this composition will be Talon. Equip him with Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, and Quicksilver and he is going to rack up damage and eliminate the opposing backline. This composition is great due to its flexibility. You just need 4 Enlightened to be useful, which means depending on what you roll you can add Divine, Dazzler, Adept, and Mystic to your Enlightened comp.

Morgana is also a key component, though we suggest not placing damage items on her anymore since she isn’t as strong as she was. You can give her Morello though for that extra burn when she uses her spell. Irelia and Janna are going to be the other two Enlightened champions you’ll want for this composition. Then you can decide if you want to add a Shen, Lux, or anything else which might fit.

Sharpshooter Is Back Baby!

Jinx TFT Patch 10.22 best comps

Jinx or Jhin will be your main sources of damage. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Sharpshooter fell off quite a bit at the beginning of 10.22 since everyone was spamming Dazzler and Morgana which basically nullified their damage output. But with Morgana having been dialed back a little, Sharpshooter is back as one of the best compositions. Especially with the buff to two-Sharpshooter, it’ll feel great even if you only have a Jhin and a Jinx. Either of those is your primary carry. Give Jinx Shojin and Rageblade or Jhin Infinity Edge and Giant Slayer for ultimate damage output.

Pairing Sharpshooter with a strong frontline, especially one with good cc is important. Hence why we suggest picking up Sejuani and maybe even Aatrox. They will be able to hold opponents off your backline and let them fire away.

Anything With Ashe Will Get You Top 4

Ashe TFT Patch 10.22 best comps

Ashe was insane even when she was bugged. Now she's even better! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The last composition we think works really well in the current meta is anything with Ashe. Ashe was bugged before, but pairing her with Infinity Edge means that she is going to be able to crit with every hit. So, pairing her with a strong front line is going to feel great, since she can just wipe anyone off the map within seconds. Getting the Hunter Chosen would be ideal, so she can deal even more damage. Give Ashe Infinity Edge as well as Last Whisper while also adding Quicksilver to keep her safe from any cc.

Having a strong frontline is also important, so building an Ashe comp either with 6 Brawlers or 6 Elderwood would be ideal. With the Brawler build, you’ll also be able to gain Warwick, another Hunter, to add to the Hunter buff, while the 6 Elderwood will increase her resistance, as well as attack damage. Either is good and either will get you into the top 4 without any problems.

So, there you have it. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. And for more news, like which Championship Skins we might get from Damwon Gaming, then keep reading on EarlyGame.

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