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TFT: We're Getting a B-Patch 10.24

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Some Comps were just too oppressive (Image Credit: Riot Games)

TFT Patch 10.24 was a big one, which means that a few comps and champions might have just been too strong and slipped through the cracks. Therefore, Riot is shipping out a quick B-Patch to make sure that some outliers get reigned in, as well as some overperforming early game comps.

The Cultist trait is being hit in the B-Patch with a nerf to Galio. The Colossus will have lowered base damage, as well as lowered health. This will make it much more bearable to go up against an early game Cultist comp and might dissuade people from hard forcing it into the game.

Keeper is also getting a nerf. The early game shield values are being lowered as well as the duration for the 6-Keeper shield. Will the duration make a difference? Not sure, but the early game shield was quite a nuisance.

Zed is getting reeled back to his original spot. The attack speed buff is being turned back and he will have 0.75 attack speed again rather than the 0.8. Throughout the first half of Patch 10.24 he was one of the best champions on the board.

Yone is also getting a nerf with an increase to his mana from 50 to 60. The armor and magic resist of his Seal Fate is being reduced to 60% from a whopping 90.

These changes will hopefully make the early game and late game a little more bearable. Having to play against an unkillable Yone or Galio wasn’t much to laugh at in the long run.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding League of Legends and the World Championship Winners Damwon Gaming, as well as their potential skins, keep reading on EarlyGame.

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