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T1 Plays Friendly LoL Match With K-Pop Band BTS

League of Legends
T1 LoL game with BTS

T1 and BTS play friendly round of LoL (Image Credit: VLive)

T1 has appeared on the reality show of a famous K-pop group and has played a number of games with them, most notably, a round of friendly League of Legends that made fans of both sides chuckle.

Usually, when T1 plays a round of LoL, it’s all about beating the competition. The game is filled with stress, a little bit of anxiety, but also a huge rush of adrenaline and excitement, both for fans, as well as players. So, seeing them play the game that they’ve become such legends in so freely and so at ease, is a breath of fresh air for sure.

It was first announced on November 3 in a tweet by T1 LoL, that they would join forces with the world-famous K-pop group BTS.

Announcement Tweet for T1 and BTS

For those of you who aren’t familiar with BTS, they are a seven-member South Korean boyband that has broken countless records in the past years, recently getting Number 1 on the Billboard Charts with their song Dynamite, something that no other Korean artist has achieved so far.

With their successes over the years, they have managed to get their own reality show, called Run BTS, a 30-minute show that is uploaded on the South Korean streaming site VLIVE, in which the members of the group do certain tasks or play certain games for small prices, or sometimes, just for the fun of it. And that is what T1 has been invited to.

Only that, of course, you can’t invite T1 to play games with you and then not play at least one round of League of Legends, right? That'd be absurd.

T1 Tweet about Run episode

The tweet that T1 has put out in regard to this meeting says as follows:

#RunBTS EP.114 with @bts_bighit

League of Number One, meeting of the world's strongest.

T1 of the game world appear on BTS Run!

World Stars full of all-time big matches.
Join us now for the best unforgettable meeting!

The first half of the episode was spent with them playing various random games, mostly to get both groups to be more at ease with each other, the other half of the episode was spent with them playing PC games, one of them being, of course, League of Legends.

But before we jump into that, let's all just appreciate Faker's singing skills for a moment.

Faker really be out there with these singing skills (Video Credit: B/R Gaming & VLIVE)

BTS would have had a major disadvantage if they - more experienced in performing than gaming - played against a team of the world’s best LoL players, so they split up their respective teams so that it was both BTS members and T1 players mixed together in two groups.

  • Team A consisted of Faker, Teddy, and Cuzz, next to BTS members RM, Suga, and Jimin.
  • Team B consisted of Effort, Canna, and BTS members J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, and V.

However, those who might have thought that they'd play the standard 5v5 of LoL that T1 is already so familiar with, are very wrong. Writers for Run BTS have decided to put their own little twist to it and called the round 'Mundo Dodgeball', which essentially is the normal 5v5 in the Summoner’s Rift, but both parties need to have one Mundo. The party that takes out the first Mundo with their long-range attacks wins. Sure, that might not get your adrenaline pumping as the normal T1 LoL rounds do, but it put a smile on the faces of everyone that watched and that's a nice change for once too, isn't it?

If you want to watch the full version of this match, check out the BTS Run episode here. For more League of Legends updates, you can stick around at EarlyGame to always be up to date!

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