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Which champions dominate mid?

Top 5 Strongest Mid Laners in LoL Patch 10.25

League of Legends
Fizz Patc 10.25
Fizz is just running ramapant on Summoner's Rift. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Champions like Yone and Yasuo have fallen off when it comes to mid laners. Patch 10.25 showed the brothers some love, but was it enough to now consider either of them a top tier mid lane champion again? Read to find out!

In this LoL tier list, we show you the best champions for each lane in patch 10.25. We especially focus on the win rate and the carry potential, because often you will have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will take a look at the mid lane.

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Which Champions Are Strongest in the Mid Lane in Patch 10.25?

5. Kayle (Win Rate: 50.7%)

Kayle Patch 10.25
Kayle is normally seen in the top lane, but she is also very good in the mid lane. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

If you can make it through Kayle’s bad early game, then you’re good to go. She is the definition of a late game hyper-carry. Her abilities let her shred through armor and magic resist in the late game, and she is able to bring your team to victory. She is also a very versatile champion when it comes to builds, so she can dominate with many different items, depending on the situation.

4. Galio (Win Rate: 52.5%)

Galio Patch 10.25
Galio can swoop in and win any fight. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Galio is a simple, team fighting champion. He has a semi-global ult that can come in and help out teammates. To get to that point, make sure to farm up and win lane – as long as you’re able to win lane, you’ll be able to become a massive late game monster, that can just shred through the opposition.

3. Malzahar (Win Rate: 53.1%)

Malzahar Patch 10.25
Malzahar is a powerful lane pushing champion. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Malzahar is a simple, but strong champion to play this patch. He has great pushing power, thanks to his voidlings and his ultimate can really turn any fight into a game-winning moment. The silence and damage of his Q are definitely part of what makes him so strong. Not to mention that it resets the duration of his E’s damage over time. Landing this on a champion already burning from his E will feel all the better.

2. Ekko (Win Rate: 51.7%)

Ekko Patch 10.25
Ekko is a safe choice when it comes to the mid lane. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Night Harvester and Lich Bane synergize perfectly with Ekko's kit. Use his Q to clear any lanes and farm up, so you can reach that 2-Item power spike. It is important to stay in lane and get those last hits in on the minions.

When there are no objectives on the map, Ekko is able to continue farming up in side lanes better than most other champions. He is mobile and quick and if he ever overstays in lane, he is able to safely make it out thanks to his ultimate. Overall, Ekko is a strong champion and has gotten stronger thanks to some of the changes intended for the jungle.

1. Fizz (Win Rate: 52.1%)

Fizz Patch 10.25
Fizz is just unstoppable in Patch 10.25. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Fizz is the best mid laner in the current meta, thanks to his synergy with Night Harvester. The ability lets him burst down opponents and delete them off the map before they can even blink. Riot said that they will be nerfing burst items once Patch 11.1 hits, so make sure to abuse this champion before then!


Fizz is a mobile champion who can use his E to get out of any bad situation, so make sure to hold onto it in the early game. Farm until you reach level 6 and once Fizz has his ultimate up, he can one-shot almost any other mid laner. Thanks to his high burst damage and hyperscaling ability he has become the strongest champion in the mid lane.

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