Mid-Patch Tier List: Jungle

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Qiyana continues to struggle in her role as a jungler, but who else joins her in the F-Tier of out LoL Patch 11.20 Jungle tier list?
Jungle Tier List
Assassins are just so meta right now.

We thought that the Qiyana jungle buffs in Patch 11.19 would have an impact on solo queue, but she continues to struggle. Other assassin junglers have excelled, though! Let's take a look at the best junglers halfway through patch 11.20.

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Who Are Our S-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 11.20?

The S-Tier picks are the most important champions to main in the current meta. With these picks, you'll win games with ease. You can gank and you can clear the jungle. These are all things that are important in the current meta. So main these S-Tier picks before the end of Season 11!

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate


Kha'Zix is one of the scariest junglers in the game. When he gets ahead early, the game is practically lost from that point forward. This snowball assassin is insanely strong. Just make sure to get a few good gank in the early game, and then you can one-shot anyone later on.

Who Are Our A-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 11.20?

If you want to play one of our S-Tier picks, they're most likely already banned or taken by the opposing team. Hence, why you'll have to make do with our A-Tier picks in the jungle. These are still strong champions, with whom you can also win games – you'll just have to work a little harder.

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate
Xin Zhao51.3%5.2%

If you can't get your hands on Fiddlesticks or Kha'Zix, then Ekko or Shaco are perfect replacements. The burst damage these junglers bring can easily win your games as well.

Who Are Our F-Tiers Junglers in LoL Patch 11.20?

This is the Tier you shouldn't even touch in this patch. Sure, some picks might look enticing, but they just aren't worth your time. If you don't mind losing a few games or experimenting in regular games, go ahead, but don't pick these in ranked:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate

Qiyana continues to struggle, but she isn't the only one. Zed, who also received some jungle buffs over the last few patches, isn't faring any better. So stick to your OG junglers with Fiddle and Shaco for the rest of this patch.

So, go out there and play some solo queue and get your hands on those S- and A-Tier jungle picks this patch. We'll be back with another Mid-Patch tier list in two weeks!

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